Saturday, November 24, 2007

8AM - Mr. Datastorm is lost.
This morning we wanted to go online and work on the "Yesterday/Tomorrow" project. When Mr. Datastorm put up his dish, he could not even find his own satellite! Wow!

We decided to head northeast figuring that this direction would take us farther under the satellite footprint for Horizon One [our satellite].

9AM - Sycamore Canyon.
MsTioga was climbing into the mountains when we came to the Sycamore Canyon turnoff. A dirt road took us to a nice high view where we could see for a zillion miles.

Mr. Datastorm went up, and could not find his satellite again. This is how it is when we are near the edge of our satellite footprint. Mr. Datastorm has a lot of experiences in this situation. Just to check himself, Mr. Datastorm went up to find SatMex5 [the satellite that we use when in Mexico] and had no problem locking on SatMex5.

We made breakfast of pancakes, egg, bacon and sausage. Then continued on traveling northeast.
MsTioga and The Team in Sycamore Canyon.

11:30AM - The Town of Ramona.
We came to Ramona, and filled up with propane and fresh water. Then we went grocery shopping. While we were in the grocery, Mr. Datastorm tried once more to find his satellite. This time Mr.Datastorm found Horizon One. However, the signal was too weak to lock on and be online.

1PM - Camped in Santa Ysabel.
We made a Day Camp in the Town of Santa Ysabel. There is a bakery here, and George wants to take a peek!

Mr. Datastorm found his satellite here in Santa Ysabel, and we are online now. Man-O-Man!

For much of the morning, MsTioga has been traveling thru the area of the gigantic fire of a couple of weeks ago. This fire scorched a zillion miles. We saw burned out homes, cars and trucks. So many trees were destroyed, you would not believe!

3:30PM - Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.
We have made our Nite Camp inside the Anza-Borrego Desert. It is a gorgeous day with blue sky and not one single cloud.

Mr. Datastorm found his satellite and locked on with no trouble!

George and Tioga in Anza-Borrego.

Supper Tonite!
Thanks to Mimi and John's wonderful care packages of food, we are eating a fabulous Thanksgiving Supper tonite. Turkey, potatoes with gravy, sweet potatoes, special green beans, stuffing and pumpkin pie! Wow! We are soooooooo thankful!


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