Tuesday, November 06, 2007

8AM - New white shoes!
Yesterday when we were at the Wal*Mart, we bought a new pair of Dr. Scholl's shoes. We have found them very good for walking and hiking!
Old and new white shoes.

9AM - Ms. GQ beeped!
This morning while we were doing our blog stuff, Ms. GQ [laptop computer] made a tiny different sound. If you are into computers, you may know that a different sound is very disturbing to hear.

A while later, Ms. GQ began to give loud beeps, the same kind of beeps as when her battery is low. Then Ms. GQ shut down! Wow! We tried to restart, but the beeps came and then the shut down reoccurred.

We checked the battery, and it is 99% charged. We changed out Ms. GQ's power supply, and the beeps came and Ms. GQ shut down again.

It seemed that Ms. GQ's hard drive was hotter than usual, so we have propped up the case a bit to get air circulation. Ms. GQ seems to be OK, now, and is not shutting down. But we are still concerned about our hard working Ms. GQ.

11AM - Heading south.
We are going to head south from our Camp in the Town of Soledad. During the morning, we completed "Yesterday/Tomorrow" buttons and edited blog pages into January, 2005. We are sooooooo happy for our project to be into the year of 2005!

About mid-morning, the Sun came out from behind the heavy overcast. Mr. Sunny is charging with 22 amps, a lot for a November day.

2PM - San Ardo, California.
We have made a Camp near the Town of San Ardo, California. MsTioga has traveled 44 miles today, and wants to stay close to our daily miles target because of the $3.40/gallon gas price.

Ms. GQ seems to be OK right now and has volunteered to do more work on our "Yesterday/Tomorrow" project.
MsTioga and The Team Camped at San Ardo.


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