Thursday, November 01, 2007

Midnite - Checking out parking places.
Just past midnite, we broke our Nite Camp in order to check out the places signed "No Parking Midnight to 6AM." There are many streets with these signs.

We found that there were very few vehicles parked on the signed streets during these hours. We also checked out the street where we Day Camped yesterday near Natural Bridges Park. This street has no parking restriction signs. Also, this street is very quiet compared to our Longs Drugs Nite Camp.

So, we are staying the remainder of the nite near Natural Bridges.

12 Noon - Overcast and cold.
Mr. Wave6 our catalytic heater has worked all nite and all morning. There are hints of the Sun breaking thru, and we are soooooo happy about that.

3PM - Santa Cruz is different.
To us on The TiogaRV Team, it seems cold here in Santa Cruz. However, many people around here wear only T-shirts and short pants. We began to wonder, "Maybe it really isn't cold?"

Mr. Trek took Little Mavicito and George for a ride into downtown Santa Cruz this afternoon. George wore long pants, a T-shirt, another shirt and a jacket. Even a stocking cap!

Good thing for all of those clothes. It really is cold here.

4:30PM - The Natural Bridge.
Little Mavicito saw that the Sun had broken thru the overcast. Perfect for him to capture the Natural Bridges. So, we hiked down to the beach.

There used to be several "natural" bridges to be seen from the beach. The relentless Ocean took them out. Now, only one bridge remains.

The Natural Bridge.


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