Monday, December 31, 2007

7:30AM - Little Mavicito wants to go see Copper Canyon!
Little Mavicito has been reading email from readers suggesting we go see Copper Canyon. Today Old Ken posted about Copper Canyon in our ShoutBox. Now Little Mavicito is jumping up and down begging, "Please Jorge, let's go see Copper Canyon!

As you may know, Copper Canyon is said to be the deepest canyon on the North American continent and very beautiful.

8AM - Washing clothes.
Before we may think about going to see Copper Canyon, we must wash clothes. We asked directions to a lavanderia [clothes washing shop], and are now Morning Camped around the corner from the shop, which opens at 8:30AM.

12 Noon - Heading for the Pueblo of El Fuerte!
Our laundry is finished. Now we are heading to the Pueblo of El Fuerte, on our way to see the fabulous Copper Canyon! Double Wow!

4PM - Nite Camped in the Pueblo of El Fuerte.
The Pueblo of El Fuerte is a large town. MsTioga believes that our Camp is in the downtown section. We are wondering if the New Year's celebration music will be away from our Camp? We on The Team are very spoiled, and like quiet when we sleep.
El Fuerte Camp, on the road to Copper Canyon.

6PM - Biking around El Fuerte.
We just got back from a little bike journey around the Pueblo of El Fuerte. This is an interesting place. Many streets of cobblestone and brick.

Little Mavicito took pics of a band warming up for the New Year's festival. And Jorge got treated to carne asada tacos! We saw a dog that looked just like our friend Lassie from Santa Rosalia!
While we ate tacos here, Lassie the dog came by.

New Year's celebration band.

Dear Reader,
Happy New Year! Sharing with you has been the most wonderful thing for me. Without you, there would be no Tioga George, Vagabonder Supreme!


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Sunday, December 30, 2007

8AM - BIG party in the Bampo!
Parties in Mexico start late and end late. Remember Nabor's Christmas party in Guaymas? And the many wedding parties in Santa Rosalia? Last nite there was a BIG party in Huatabampo. Could have been a band concert. We could hear people clapping and shouting after the music.

Around 1AM, MsTioga decided to move our Nite Camp away from this party. Just after we made our new Nite Camp, somebody's car alarm went off. And this was not an ordinary alarm! At first we thought it was a police car siren. Then there were machine gun sounds, then klaxon horn, wailing sounds. And all of this was very loud. The alarm ended suddenly just after 2AM. Man-O-Man!

1:30PM - State of Sinaloa!
We have crossed the state border and left the State of Sonora. We are now in the State of Sinaloa! On the way here, Little Mavicito saw some interesting things.
Welcome to the State of Sinaloa.

Cattlemen driving their cows across the highway.

Piggy-backed trucks!

2:30PM - The City of Los Mochis!
MsTioga must have been in her zooming mode today. She put her pedal to the metal and zoomed a whole 100 miles! Wow! Now we are in the large City of Los Mochis.

We pulled into a shopping area, and you might be soooooo surprised to see what stores are here!
The Wal*Mart!

A 10 screen movie theater.

5PM - The soccer field Camp.
We drove around the City of Los Mochis searching for adventure. MsTioga came upon a soccer game. The players were wearing uniforms, and looked really good. So, we made our Nite Camp next to this soccer field.

Just as Little Mavicito went out to capture some pics of the players, the soccer game ended! Wow!
MsTioga at the Los Mochis soccer field.


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Saturday, December 29, 2007

9:30AM - Bampo or Bampito?
This morning we will be heading out of our Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Villa Juarez for our first Bampo, the Pueblo of Huatabampo [Pronounced: watt-ah-bahm-poh]. We see on the map, that there is a Bampito [small Bampo] ahead right near the water of the Gulf of Mexico. It is Huatabampito! Maybe we will look there for our Nite Camp?

We biked thru all of downtown Villa Juarez looking for a laundry to wash clothes. And could not find one. We asked a lady where was the laundry. "We don't have a laundry in Villa Juarez.", she replied! Wow!

2PM - Huatabampo!
We have reached the large City of Huatabampo! It took MsTioga awhile to get here. We traveled thru mostly agricultural areas, and often road conditions required slow going.

Little Mavicito saw rich farm land, with modern equipment. And, two men in a horse drawn wagon who had spent the morning gathering mesquite wood to burn for heat in their homes.

Now we are Afternoon Camped across from a park and the Municipal Palace of Huatabampo.
Farmland along our journey.

Men gathering mesquite.

Municipal Palace, Huatabampo.

4PM - Movies for one dollar?
The downtown market section of Huatabampo is a really very busy place. We rode Mr. Trek, so it was very easy to maneuver thru the traffic and we could go down streets closed off to vehicles.

We came to a street vendor with a crowd of customers looking thru 100s of CDs. Movies were being sold for $10 pesos, under $1US. We have never seen a ripped off movie before! And these had to be ripoffs.

We bought a movie titled, "We Are Marshall" starring Matthew McConaughey. When we got back to MsTioga, Ms. GQ said, "This is a ripoff, do you want me to play it?!" The sound is in English with Spanish subtitles.
Ripoff vendor in Huatabampo.

5:30PM - Nite Camped.
MsTioga moved from her Afternoon Camp across from the park and has made a Nite Camp next to a school. This is a residential neighborhood. We are hoping that we will not disturb anybody by staying the nite.


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Friday, December 28, 2007

8AM - Map of Mexico.
Every evening we look at our paper map of Mexico. Yesterday evening we were blown away by how far we have gone so far in Mexico! Just by traveling a small daily distance, we are now in the City of Obregón.

Fellow RVer and friend Jonna has emailed that she hopes we will visit her in the Yucatan. MsTioga and The Team thought that impossible. Too far, and too much $money$. Now we are wondering? Hmmmmm?

10AM - Our Morning Bike Ride.
While Mr. Sunny was busy charging his battery bank, we went on a Morning Bike Ride. Little Mavicito was fascinated with the fireworks vendors in a nearby park. There were over 30 vendors with tables loaded with fireworks for sale to celebrate New Years.

All of these fireworks are made in Mexico. We were very happy to read the labels and find Mexico instead of China as the place of manufacture.

Didn't the Woolworth Company go bankrupt? Here in the City of Obregón, we saw our second Mexican Woolworth store.
Fireworks for New Years.

Woolworth's lives in Mexico.

1PM - Heading for our first Bampo.
There are two "bampos" they we know of in Mexico. This afternoon we are going to take a peek at our first bampo . It is called, Huatabampo, a town located south of Obregón and close to the coast.

The second bampo is the Town of Topolobampo, whose name our Uncle Seymour finds amusing! Topolobampo is still a ways south of us, near the City of Los Mochis.

4PM - The Pueblo of Villa Juarez.
We have gone about 30 miles on our journey to the Pueblo of Huatabampo and are in Pueblo Villa Juarez. It is late in the afternoon, and we like the look of Pueblo Villa Juarez. So, we have made a Nite Camp here!

We are very close to the "downtown" area of this small town. And only a few feet from the bomberos [fire station].
Nite Camped near the fire station in Pueblo Villa Juarez.

6PM - Pollo Asada and fresh shrimp.
We just got back from looking around downtown Villa Juarez. There was a Pollo Asado [BBQ] chicken place where they were making tortillas. They gave me a sample tortilla, and I was hooked. So, I ate a medio pollo [1/2 BBQ chicken] for supper. It was soooooo good.

While walking around town, we met a guy selling shrimp and bought a kilo. We just got finished cleaning and cooking the shrimp. Tomorrow will be shrimp day!
Fresh tortillas at the Pollo Asado place.

Downtown Villa Juarez.


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Thursday, December 27, 2007

8:30AM - Flat streets of Mexico.
When MsTioga is Camped on the streets of Mexico, most often Mr. Levelers does not have to work at all. Because there is so little rain, streets are constructed flat instead of crowned for rain run-off into storm drains. There are no storm drains here in the City of Empalme.
Tioga and George in Empalme.

2:30PM - Ciudad Obregón.
We have arrived at the City of Obregón and are Afternoon Camped near a lake. This place may be a park. There are many food stands across the road. Lots of people are walking in the park. We like this place!

MsTioga traveled 66 miles after we left the City of Empalme this morning. As we approached Obregón, we exited the toll road and took the free road into town, bypassing the toll booth!

Ciudad Obregón.

4:30PM - Bike ride into town.
Little Mavicito and Jorge have just come back from a bike ride on Mr. Trek. We found that the City of Obregón is a modern place. It looks very similar to many cities in the USA.

Jorge was very interested in the prices at a Burger King. In the pic below, the prices are in pesos, but if you divide a price by 10, it will be pretty close to the price in $US. For example, 57 would be about $5.70US.
An intersection near the park.

Burger King menu.

6:30PM - Evening Camped in Obregón.
We were thinking of making our Nite Camp in the park, next to the lake. Mr. Dometic pointed out that his vegetable drawer was almost empty. So we went looking for a grocery to buy vegetables.

We had to drive quite a bit to find a grocery. After shopping, it was dark. There is lots of traffic out. We decided to make an Evening Camp here, and see how it goes later in the evening. If this place is too noisy for sleeping, we may move after the traffic slows up.

8PM - Moved from Hwy #15!
Right after our 6:30PM post, we took a look at our Google Map location. Wow! We were Camped right on Hwy #15, the equivalent of an interstate.

After supper [chicken enchilada, refried beans, rice, guacamole, and salad], we moved a couple of blocks and found a quiet street to make our Nite Camp.


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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

9AM - The City of Empalme!
We headed out this morning intending to search for adventure in the City of Guaymas. However, MsTioga got on Highway #15 going to the City of Empalme! Wow!

MsTioga was overheard talking to Mr. Chips. "Chippy, If we are going to explore Mexico, I'm going to have to keep my tires rolling on the road!", said MsTioga.

12 Noon - Water and gasoline.
MsTioga went to the Pemex to fill up on gasoline. While there we asked permission to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank. There was a store next to the Pemex that sold purified drinking water, and we exchanged our empty 5-gallon jug for a filled one.
Fresh water fillup at Pemex.

2PM - Virtual Reality Education.
We are working with our friend and retired photo journalist Mike Fousie to learn about making our own VR pics. These things are not easy to make! You may remember Mike from our visit with him at the Escapee RV park in Benson, Arizona earlier this month. We email the VR images to Mike, and he tells us what is wrong with them.

We took a VR pic of the steam engine at the entrance to the City of Empalme, and are going to publish this VR image even it comes out terrible. If we are able to do this, the link to this VR will be below this 2PM post.

4PM - This VR stuff is hard to do!
We made a VR image, and tried to publish it. However, we could not figure the publishing part out. This may be a long learning curve kind of thing.

So, Mr. Trek said that we should take a break, and we are going out on a bike ride in the City of Empalme. The following day, Ms. GQ and George published our first VR pic.

5PM - The Elote Man.
Elote is corn. Little Mavicito and Jorge watched The Elote Man for an hour. His little cart is so very popular!

Elote is sold by the ear or by the cup. It costs 12 pesos, about $1.11 cents [US]. Elote is heated up by a propane burner under the big steel tub. Many customers choose their ear of corn with tongs. A round stick/handle is pounded into the bottom of the ear. Lime juice is rubbed on the ear. A little salt. Chili sauce. Powdered Mozzarella cheese. Red chili powder. Wow!

We stood watching The Elote Man for an hour. There wasn't a minute without a customer. The Elote Man works about five hours each day. Even when it rains he works, which is rare here in Empalme.
Lime juice.


Mozzarella cheese.

Happy customers.


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