Sunday, December 16, 2007

5AM - Sooooo Cold.
Our Nite Camp is at 4,078' elevation. And it is down near 32°F outside. It got sooooo cold inside MsTioga. Even with Mr. Wave6 our noble catalytic heater cranked up all the way, the temp inside MsTioga was around 54°F.

We decided to turn on MsTioga's forced air heater. That got everything warm and toasty really fast. It is so wonderful now to be comfortable and warm!

10AM - About to cross the Mexican border!
We have arrived in the City of Nogales, Arizona. The International Border is at the southern edge of Nogales.

Double Wow with sugar on it!

10:30AM - Nogales, Mexico.
MsTioga crossed the border with no problems. Little Mavicito set himself up on TriPod looking out MsTioga's front window and made a movie of us approaching the border. Little Mavicito kept his movie rolling as we traveled thru much of downtown Nogales in Mexico. We will edit this movie later on.

12 Noon - Mexican Immigration.

We have to get a Tourist Visa for George and an Importation Permit for MsTioga. We traveled south on Highway #15 and came to a place where BIG signs read that this was the place to get this stuff.

First we filled out the Tourist Visa form. Then we walked over to the Banjercito [bank] building. At the Banjercito, they they process the Tourist Visa and issue the Importation Permit. We had prepared the required copies of our United States Passport and MsTioga's registration papers.

It cost $237 pesos for the Tourist Visa and $543 pesos for MsTioga's permit. We were surprised to learn that MsTioga's permit is good for 10 years! Wow! We paid for these things with our credit card. Very convenient.

1PM - Camped in the Pueblo of Imuris.

The first place that we came to where we felt good about making a Camp is the Pueblo of Imuris. MsTioga's Camp is next to a cement manufacturer's warehouse. You may check out where this is by clicking the map link below.

Our first Camp in Mainland Mexico!

Little Mavicito Video Productions
MsTioga Enters Mexico


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