Monday, December 10, 2007

7:30AM - Dawn in the desert.
MsTioga and The Team will spend much of the morning at our Camp in the desert. Then when the Sun is high enough, we will continue our journey east.

We believe as did
Juan Manuel Fangio, the greatest race car driver in history, don't drive into the morning Sun!
MsTioga watches the Sunrise.

12:30PM - Good sky today!
Yesterday's weather report showed thundershowers here in the desert. However, looking up in the sky to the west, we see no clouds at all.

We are heading into the City of Gila Bend. Ms. GQ is acting up and may need to see a computer repair person.

Clear blue sky with no clouds.

3PM - Ms. GQ's problem.
Ms. GQ, our hardworking notebook computer, stopped using XP's Camera and Scanning Wizard to transfer image files from Little Mavicito. We have arrived at the Town of Gila Bend, to ask for help from a computer repair place. However, there are no computer repair places here in Gila Bend.

So, we went online and searched for the problem in Google. Would you believe that we found an answer? And the answer worked!

We downloaded from Microsoft, a piece of software called, "Microsoft Autoplay Repair Wizard." When we ran this software, it claimed to have found the problem and repaired it. Then we were instructed to reboot Ms. GQ.

Now the Camera & Scanning Wizard works as before! We are sooooooo happy!
Ms. GQ shows what the wizard looks like.

9:30PM - Moved Camp.
Our Nite Camp was too close to the highway, the trucks and other traffic making much noise. So, we moved our Nite Camp a bit north to a place with no homes that we can see in the darkness of nite.


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