Monday, December 31, 2007

7:30AM - Little Mavicito wants to go see Copper Canyon!
Little Mavicito has been reading email from readers suggesting we go see Copper Canyon. Today Old Ken posted about Copper Canyon in our ShoutBox. Now Little Mavicito is jumping up and down begging, "Please Jorge, let's go see Copper Canyon!

As you may know, Copper Canyon is said to be the deepest canyon on the North American continent and very beautiful.

8AM - Washing clothes.
Before we may think about going to see Copper Canyon, we must wash clothes. We asked directions to a lavanderia [clothes washing shop], and are now Morning Camped around the corner from the shop, which opens at 8:30AM.

12 Noon - Heading for the Pueblo of El Fuerte!
Our laundry is finished. Now we are heading to the Pueblo of El Fuerte, on our way to see the fabulous Copper Canyon! Double Wow!

4PM - Nite Camped in the Pueblo of El Fuerte.
The Pueblo of El Fuerte is a large town. MsTioga believes that our Camp is in the downtown section. We are wondering if the New Year's celebration music will be away from our Camp? We on The Team are very spoiled, and like quiet when we sleep.
El Fuerte Camp, on the road to Copper Canyon.

6PM - Biking around El Fuerte.
We just got back from a little bike journey around the Pueblo of El Fuerte. This is an interesting place. Many streets of cobblestone and brick.

Little Mavicito took pics of a band warming up for the New Year's festival. And Jorge got treated to carne asada tacos! We saw a dog that looked just like our friend Lassie from Santa Rosalia!
While we ate tacos here, Lassie the dog came by.

New Year's celebration band.

Dear Reader,
Happy New Year! Sharing with you has been the most wonderful thing for me. Without you, there would be no Tioga George, Vagabonder Supreme!


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