Thursday, December 06, 2007

7:30AM - Slab City.
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in Slab City. We visited Slab City a few years ago. There seem to be more people living here than before.

Salvation Mountain is still here!

12 Noon - Changing Honda's oil.
When we added Honda to our Team, there were some doubts about whether our 1KW generator was a good investment for us. There are no doubts anymore. Honda has proven to be a valuable Team member, especially on overcast days as is today!

Honda's oil capacity is only 1/4 quart! Can you imagine that? Honda is the perfect size. Even George is able to lift up Honda with no trouble.
Out with the old oil.

1:30PM - Fulltiming in Slab City!
People come to live fulltime in Slab City for many reasons. Perhaps their income was not enough to meet expenses? Maybe they just did not want to pay rent anymore.

Close by where MsTioga is Camped, is the back yard of a fulltiming Slab City resident. Isn't it the cutest thing?
A backyard in Slab City.


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