Sunday, December 23, 2007

7:30AM - Very windy nite!
We have moved our Nite Camp which was on a hill. Now MsTioga is in a shopping center a bit to the west where we are less exposed to the wind. It was very windy last nite and the wind continues this morning. Mr. Datastorm suggested moving to a protected place before he put up his dish antenna.

Also, we want to explore this shopping area on a morning walk. This place looks interesting.

8AM - Why not camp on a beautiful beach?
My good and excellent friend Terry posted a question in ShoutBox. "Why not Camp on a beautiful beach?" I am glad that Terry asked this question, because it gives me a chance to share some things with you.

When I first began to be an RVing vagabonder in 2003, I decided to be of service to people in the RVing world. Before that decision, I pretty much lived for doing things and being places that gave me pleasure. This way of life proved overtime to be disappointing. Because no matter what I did and where I went, eventually I ran out of things that gave me happiness.

Service to others:
After my decision to be of service to others thru my blog and web pages, I was soooooooo surprised to find that this one thing gave me endless joy and never ending happiness. Apparently for me, being of service to people in the RV world was the perfect road to the great life that I now lead!

Nite Camping in a Mexican neighborhood:
Choosing to make my Nite Camps in a Mexican neighborhood, is wonderful for me. I get to meet people who are my neighbors. Make friends with them. Practice my Spanish! And one other thing that is soooooo important. I get to share my relationships with the Mexican people of Guaymas with you.

Beach Camping:
MsTioga and The Team plan to explore all over the City of Guaymas. And we hope to find places close to the Sea of Cortez, some perhaps with a nice beach. We hope to make Day Camps there, and share the beach with you!
MsTioga Morning Camped at a Guaymas shopping center.

9AM - Learning Spanish.
I took two years of Spanish in high school which gave me a small Spanish vocabulary and some idea of grammar. Living in Mexico and using Spanish everyday during the winter months of the past five years, gave me the ability to speak Spanish.

I do not appear to have much talent with language. Speaking Spanish is sooooooo much easier than understanding what is spoken to me in Spanish. When I am leading a conversation with questions, I do fine. However, when the subject goes to new things, I often struggle to understand.

We were leaving the shopping center and were in an intersection inside the parking lot waiting for the signal lite to change. MsTioga moved forward very slowly, and a sedan scooted around us and MsTioga struck the side of this car! Man-O-Man!

There were five people in this car, and they all began saying that the accident was my fault. Soon, there were two police officers at the scene. Then a commandante of police showed up wearing a nice white uniform shirt and driving a new police truck.

There was a lot of talking going on, and the people in the car were all saying the accident was my fault. What should I do? Even though I felt that the accident was the fault of the other driver, this was a lose-lose situation for me.

I decided to ask the lady driver what she wanted? Her car was very old, and had been in many accidents before. I offered her $200 pesos [$20US]. She told the commandante that it was not her car, and that the owner would have to decide.

We all drove together to the owner's home. The old car led the way, followed by the commandante's truck and MsTioga in the rear. When we reached the home of the owner, the commandante explained the situation to the owner, whose name is Rafael. The commandante asked Rafael what he wanted, and he replied, "Mil pesos" [$100US]. I replied, "Mil pesos!, es mucho dinero." And then I counter-offered, "Quinientos" [$50US].

My Quinientos offer was then accepted and paid to Rafael. I then followed the commandante back to where we started! I felt good about escaping with only paying $50US! MsTioga has not one bit of damage from the accident, just a paint mark on the corner of her bumper which may be cleaned off.

1:30PM - Camped near the water.
After the accident, MsTioga drove down to the water where we have made an Afternoon Camp. There is no sandy beach here, yet it is a lovely place.
MsTioga and The Team at the water in Guaymas.

5PM - Nite Camped on the hill.
We have made our Nite Camp on the same hill as yesterday. On the way here, we went shopping at the Soriana Store, a combination grocery and variety place. Soriana is located at the bottom of our Nite Camp hill.

You would not believe the amount of shoppers that are in this store! Getting thru the checkout was a challenge which took about 30 minutes.
Our 2nd Nite Camp on this hill in Guaymas.


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