Monday, December 17, 2007

7AM - Driving around Imuris.
It is early, a little before the sunrise. We decided to drive around the City of Imuris. Yesterday we called Imuris a pueblo [small town]. However we found Imuris to be a good size city. Most of the streets are paved.

Our Nite Camp was very pleasant, and pretty quiet for sleeping. Some kids knocked on MsTioga's door during the early evening asking for pesos, which we graciously declined.

8:30AM - Breakfast Camp.
We made a Breakfast Camp on an unpaved road on the southern side of Imuris. This is a residential neighborhood, across the street from a school.
Our City of Imuris Breakfast Camp.

12:30PM - City of Magdalena.
We pulled out of the City of Imuris, and traveled south about 15 miles. We have found our Afternoon Camp in the center of Magdalena.

Would you believe that it is T-shirt & short pants weather here?

Magdalena town square.

2PM - Quesadilla for lunch.
Across from where MsTioga is camped is a restaurant. It is time for lunch. A quesadilla with birria [shredded goat] seemed a good choice!
George in Magdalena for lunch.

4PM - Found our Nite Camp.
We are Nite Camped in the City of Magdalena, near the railroad tracks. There is a nice looking residential neighborhood a half block away and a kindergarten school across the street.

On the way here we asked for direction to a bank. There is a Bancomer and Banemex in Magdalena. We withdrew $money$ from the ATM. In Mexico, we don't use credit cards and pay cash for everything.

Magdalena Nite Camp.

6PM - Garlic fried shrimp supper!
Shrimp fried in butter and garlic. Refried beans. Flour tortilla chips. Wow!


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