Saturday, December 08, 2007

7AM - Industrial neighborhoods are quiet on the weekend.
Ms. GQ wants to work on the "Yesterday/Tomorrow" project. This seems like the perfect time and place for that project. MsTioga is Camped in an industrial neighborhood. People who work here are off for the weekend. Also, the Sun is up and we have plenty of solar power.

9AM - TiogaRV Team Budget Info.
Ms. GQ just updated our budget page. The amount of our monthly savings is very low. The reason for this low savings rate is that we are amortizing the cost [$3,516] of MsTioga's paint and fiberglass job over a one year period.

11:10AM - Yuma, Arizona.
We have crossed the Arizona border and made a Day Camp in the City of Yuma, Arizona. We are going shopping in a local grocery, Del Sol Market.
Tioga & George in Yuma, Arizona.


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