Thursday, December 27, 2007

8:30AM - Flat streets of Mexico.
When MsTioga is Camped on the streets of Mexico, most often Mr. Levelers does not have to work at all. Because there is so little rain, streets are constructed flat instead of crowned for rain run-off into storm drains. There are no storm drains here in the City of Empalme.
Tioga and George in Empalme.

2:30PM - Ciudad Obregón.
We have arrived at the City of Obregón and are Afternoon Camped near a lake. This place may be a park. There are many food stands across the road. Lots of people are walking in the park. We like this place!

MsTioga traveled 66 miles after we left the City of Empalme this morning. As we approached Obregón, we exited the toll road and took the free road into town, bypassing the toll booth!

Ciudad Obregón.

4:30PM - Bike ride into town.
Little Mavicito and Jorge have just come back from a bike ride on Mr. Trek. We found that the City of Obregón is a modern place. It looks very similar to many cities in the USA.

Jorge was very interested in the prices at a Burger King. In the pic below, the prices are in pesos, but if you divide a price by 10, it will be pretty close to the price in $US. For example, 57 would be about $5.70US.
An intersection near the park.

Burger King menu.

6:30PM - Evening Camped in Obregón.
We were thinking of making our Nite Camp in the park, next to the lake. Mr. Dometic pointed out that his vegetable drawer was almost empty. So we went looking for a grocery to buy vegetables.

We had to drive quite a bit to find a grocery. After shopping, it was dark. There is lots of traffic out. We decided to make an Evening Camp here, and see how it goes later in the evening. If this place is too noisy for sleeping, we may move after the traffic slows up.

8PM - Moved from Hwy #15!
Right after our 6:30PM post, we took a look at our Google Map location. Wow! We were Camped right on Hwy #15, the equivalent of an interstate.

After supper [chicken enchilada, refried beans, rice, guacamole, and salad], we moved a couple of blocks and found a quiet street to make our Nite Camp.


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