Saturday, December 22, 2007

8:30AM - USA retail in Mexico.
Readers who have not visited Mexico, may be surprised at how well represented United States companies are here! Little Mavicito captured the stores below during our morning walk. Besides the pics, Pizza Hut and AutoZone are nearby.

The prices for food in the WalMart seemed higher than in the USA.

12 Noon - Heading south.
After a delicious Belgian waffle breakfast, MsTioga headed south. We are looking for a Nite Camp before we reach the City of Guaymas. However, the map is not clear if a pueblo for our Nite Camp will be found.

It took Jorge many years to be able to make a Belgian waffle that did not stick and came out of the waffle maker looking like this one!
Waffle breakfast.

3:30PM - Guaymas!

We have reached the City of Guaymas! Double Wow! We want our camps in Guaymas to be in Mexican neighborhoods. Not where the Americanos stay.

After Little Mavicito took the pano pic of our Afternoon Camp below, we walked the dirt road on the hill above us. We may have found a place for our first Nite Camp.
MsTioga and The Team in Guaymas!

PS: MsTioga wanted you to know that on our way to Guaymas, she tried out her cruise control. Guess what?! It works! And we only spent $1US on a little brass fitting to repair the broken hose. Had to use a little caulk to seal the fitting to adapt this repair!

5PM - Exploring our neighborhood.
It was necessary to walk and explore all over the hill where we want to make our Nite Camp. I kept on going higher and higher up the hill, and came to a place where a man was shoveling earth into a bucket. We got to talking, and soon I was invited to his home for coffee! Wow!

That is how it is in Mexico. The people are soooooooo friendly, you would not believe. This man and I talked for over an hour about a ton of things. I am so very happy with my Spanish!

The man's name is Nabor [the spelling may be wrong]. I was introduced to his wife, but cannot remember her name. Tomorrow I will visit them again and introduce you to them with pics.

Nabor walked with me down the hill to a place in front of his daughter's home where he suggested I park MsTioga. This place proved a bit too steep for MsTioga, so we are Nite Camped about 100 yards from there in front of a vacant lot.
MsTioga Nite Camped in Guaymas.


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