Monday, December 24, 2007

8:30AM - Yesterday's accident.
The accident that occurred yesterday afternoon was my fault. I could not see the old car that MsTioga struck while we were trying to exit the shopping center parking lot. The lady who drove the car might have permitted MsTioga to exit before trying to go around. However that does not excuse me causing the accident.

The police, especially the commandante who helped settle the negotiations for the accident, were very polite and helpful. When I counter offered the car owner's offer of $100US with $50US, the commandante indicated to the car owner that my $50US offer was fair.

MsTioga and I wanted you to know this in order to clear up the idea that accident scams are common here in Mexico.

10AM - Camped in a vacant lot.
We have made a Morning Camp in a vacant lot, just a bit west of our hillside Nite Camp. We were thinking about exploring the shopping areas that are close by. We will be taking our bicycle, Mr. Trek if we do. MsTioga is difficult to park, especially with all the holiday traffic here in Guaymas.
Tioga and George in Guaymas.

You may have noticed that we are using Google Maps during the day instead of the Datastorm map. The Google maps show soooooo much more detail than the Datastorm map. We have to manually update the GPS data which is automatic for the Datastorm map. But Ms. GQ doesn't mind at all.

11AM - Virtual Reality.
We visited with my friend Mike and his doggie Mac earlier this month in the Town of Benson, Arizona. Mike is a retired photo journalist. Really knows a ton about cameras.

Mike took the VR pic that is linked below. It is really swell. Mike is teaching us on The Team to make VR pics, but we have yet to make a good one!

3PM - MsTioga won't go!
MsTioga has been watching the last minute shoppers in Christmas traffic this afternoon. She says, "I'm not driving out there in that mess!"

Everybody on The Team is content to just kick back and enjoy our day.
MsTioga looks at the traffic from our Afternoon Camp.

6PM - Hill Camp.
We are back at our Hillside Nite Camp. After MsTioga was leveled out, a walk around the neighborhood seemed a good thing. On the way we visited the Soriana Store and spent some time talking with four young men who offered a can of beer.

We love this place! Merry Christmas!

10PM - Invited to a Christmas Party!!
Guess what just happened?! There was a knock on MsTioga's door. Do you remember that we wrote about meeting Nabor on our first day in Guaymas? Well the knock on the door was Nabor's son-in-law who brought with him his entire family! Wow!

There were five people inside MsTioga. I did not get any of their names, because I was sooooo excited at this visit. I also forgot to wake up Little Mavicito to take pics.

They invited me to go to their Christmas Party at Nabor's home. The party begins at midnite. Isn't that the greatest thing? Wow! A blessing from God!


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