Sunday, December 30, 2007

8AM - BIG party in the Bampo!
Parties in Mexico start late and end late. Remember Nabor's Christmas party in Guaymas? And the many wedding parties in Santa Rosalia? Last nite there was a BIG party in Huatabampo. Could have been a band concert. We could hear people clapping and shouting after the music.

Around 1AM, MsTioga decided to move our Nite Camp away from this party. Just after we made our new Nite Camp, somebody's car alarm went off. And this was not an ordinary alarm! At first we thought it was a police car siren. Then there were machine gun sounds, then klaxon horn, wailing sounds. And all of this was very loud. The alarm ended suddenly just after 2AM. Man-O-Man!

1:30PM - State of Sinaloa!
We have crossed the state border and left the State of Sonora. We are now in the State of Sinaloa! On the way here, Little Mavicito saw some interesting things.
Welcome to the State of Sinaloa.

Cattlemen driving their cows across the highway.

Piggy-backed trucks!

2:30PM - The City of Los Mochis!
MsTioga must have been in her zooming mode today. She put her pedal to the metal and zoomed a whole 100 miles! Wow! Now we are in the large City of Los Mochis.

We pulled into a shopping area, and you might be soooooo surprised to see what stores are here!
The Wal*Mart!

A 10 screen movie theater.

5PM - The soccer field Camp.
We drove around the City of Los Mochis searching for adventure. MsTioga came upon a soccer game. The players were wearing uniforms, and looked really good. So, we made our Nite Camp next to this soccer field.

Just as Little Mavicito went out to capture some pics of the players, the soccer game ended! Wow!
MsTioga at the Los Mochis soccer field.


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