Wednesday, December 12, 2007

8AM - Breakfast with Jim & Chris!
Guess who got an invitation to breakfast with Jim & Chris? Wow! We are all at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant. And this restaurant makes wonderful pancakes!
Chris, Jim & George at the Cracker Barrel.

10:30AM - Camping at Palm Creek Resort.
You know that MsTioga and The Team do not hang out at places like Palm Creek. However, the currents of our destiny are gently speaking to us. And they are saying, "Stay awhile at
Palm Creek
." Man-O-Man!

Chris took me down to the membership building and I now have a Guest Pass good thru Saturday, December 15th. Double-Wow with sugar on it!
George shows his guest pass.

11AM - Doing things at Palm Creek.
There is a place to wash vehicles at Palm Creek! So, we went over there to wash MsTioga.

While we were doing the washing, our friend Chris drove up and told us that the Palm Creek manager offered us a FREE nite's stay! Wow! Isn't that neat?

Washing MsTioga at Palm Creek.

12 Noon - The wood shop.
Just across the way from where we were washing MsTioga, is the Palm Creek wood shop. This wood shop is very well equipped. If we were staying awhile at Palm Creek, we would sure figure out something to make using this wood shop!
Palm Creek's wood shop.

4PM - Exploring Palm Creek RV Resort.
Little Mavicito & George climbed on to Mr. Trek and we explored Palm Creek. We still do not know our way around this HUGE RV resort, and got lost several times.

We looked into the Computer Room, where our friend Jim helps people to learn about how to do things on the internet. We visited the exercise room which has very nice workout equipment.

But the thing that really got to Little Mavicito, was the people playing volleyball in the swimming. Can you imagine being in a swimming pool in the month of December? Man-O-Man!
Can you see the volleyball?

5PM - Something you don't often see!
MsTioga is Nite Camped for FREE in the Palm Creek RV Resort. Can you imagine that? Little Mavicito captured this historic event for you to see for yourself!

We will not be here for long, because the pull of the road is tugging at us even now.

MsTioga and The Team at Palm Creek RV Resort.


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