Thursday, December 20, 2007

8AM - Bridge across the arroyo.
Yesterday when we found our Nite Camp site, MsTioga had to cross a deep arroyo. Her rear fiberglassed sides almost touched the ground. MsTioga was concerned about crossing the arroyo again this morning.

On our morning walk, we went to the east of the pueblo. There we found a bridge across the arroyo and will use this bridge later this morning.
The arroyo.

1PM - Hermosillo!
We have arrived in the City of Hermosillo, the State Capitol of the State of Sonora, Mexico! MsTioga has made an Afternoon Camp in a nice section of Hermosillo, next to a Ford dealer.

On the way here, we found a propane place and filled MsTioga's propane tank. And, we asked permission to fill MsTioga's water tank.
Getting water at the propane place.

Afternoon Camped in Hermosillo.

2PM - Nogales to Hermosillo!
In only five days, MsTioga and The Team have traveled all the way from Nogales at the International Border to Hermosillo. That's a whole 171 miles and five FREE Nite Camps!
Click map to enlarge.

5PM - Walking the neighborhood.
We went for a long walk around our neighborhood. There are a lot of nice restaurants around here. But we decided not to eat out tonite and are going to make Beef Fajitas in MsTioga's kitchen!
MsTioga's Fajitas in Hermosillo.


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  1. Looks like this spot it not good as the roads are too narrow. Not sure where George parked that would work in this area.