Wednesday, December 19, 2007

8AM - Making bricks in the Pueblo of El Llano.
On our morning walk, we found a brick works several blocks to the west of our Nite Camp. There are two young men making bricks, and a burro helping in the mixing! These men told me that they have had this job since they were boys. Wow!

Brick making is a major business here in El Llano. There is an adobe mine a short distance away on the west side of the pueblo [town].

Burro mixes the adobe.

Loading adobe into the mold.

Packing adobe.

Bricks dry for two days.

Mequite for curing bricks in the oven.

1:30PM - Camped in Carbo.
We traveled 56 miles today, and have made an Afternoon Camp in the Pueblo of Carbo. This Pueblo is about 6 miles east of the main road, Highway #15.

We are not sure if this will be a good Nite Camp because we have not asked permission to stay from the people in the closest home. Nobody is inside that home. We will ask later on.
Our Camp in Carbo.

5PM - Our neighbor.
We got an OK to stay the nite from our neighbor across the street. She has been tending a nice garden in her yard, and her young son and daughter are helping.
View of our neighbor's yard from MsTioga's window.


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