Friday, December 28, 2007

8AM - Map of Mexico.
Every evening we look at our paper map of Mexico. Yesterday evening we were blown away by how far we have gone so far in Mexico! Just by traveling a small daily distance, we are now in the City of Obregón.

Fellow RVer and friend Jonna has emailed that she hopes we will visit her in the Yucatan. MsTioga and The Team thought that impossible. Too far, and too much $money$. Now we are wondering? Hmmmmm?

10AM - Our Morning Bike Ride.
While Mr. Sunny was busy charging his battery bank, we went on a Morning Bike Ride. Little Mavicito was fascinated with the fireworks vendors in a nearby park. There were over 30 vendors with tables loaded with fireworks for sale to celebrate New Years.

All of these fireworks are made in Mexico. We were very happy to read the labels and find Mexico instead of China as the place of manufacture.

Didn't the Woolworth Company go bankrupt? Here in the City of Obregón, we saw our second Mexican Woolworth store.
Fireworks for New Years.

Woolworth's lives in Mexico.

1PM - Heading for our first Bampo.
There are two "bampos" they we know of in Mexico. This afternoon we are going to take a peek at our first bampo . It is called, Huatabampo, a town located south of Obregón and close to the coast.

The second bampo is the Town of Topolobampo, whose name our Uncle Seymour finds amusing! Topolobampo is still a ways south of us, near the City of Los Mochis.

4PM - The Pueblo of Villa Juarez.
We have gone about 30 miles on our journey to the Pueblo of Huatabampo and are in Pueblo Villa Juarez. It is late in the afternoon, and we like the look of Pueblo Villa Juarez. So, we have made a Nite Camp here!

We are very close to the "downtown" area of this small town. And only a few feet from the bomberos [fire station].
Nite Camped near the fire station in Pueblo Villa Juarez.

6PM - Pollo Asada and fresh shrimp.
We just got back from looking around downtown Villa Juarez. There was a Pollo Asado [BBQ] chicken place where they were making tortillas. They gave me a sample tortilla, and I was hooked. So, I ate a medio pollo [1/2 BBQ chicken] for supper. It was soooooo good.

While walking around town, we met a guy selling shrimp and bought a kilo. We just got finished cleaning and cooking the shrimp. Tomorrow will be shrimp day!
Fresh tortillas at the Pollo Asado place.

Downtown Villa Juarez.


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