Tuesday, December 11, 2007

8AM - Morning Camped in Gila Bend.
We moved from our Nite Camp which was alongside a road. MsTioga is now Camped in the desert.

On the way to this Camp, Little Mavicito saw some scenic mountains to the north and took a pic to show you.
Tioga & George in Gila Bend, Arizona.

9AM - Readers Barry, Paul & Cathy.
We had a wonderful surprise this morning. Reader Barry came to call on us. And just after that, Paul & Cathy dropped by too!
Reader Barry.

Paul & Cathy.

1PM - Visiting Chris & Jim Guld.
Do you know Jim & Chris? They call themselves Geeks On Tour. Jim & Chris are staying at Palm Creek, a very large mobile home & RV park located in Casa Grande, Arizona.

The City of Casa Grande has a ton of things that people like. A zillion restaurants and of course, The Wal*Mart!

4:30PM - China Buffet.
It seemed like eating out tonite would be a good idea, and the China Buffet looked attractive. While eating there, Readers John & Murphy came over to say, "Hi!"

After supper, Readers Roy & Annie were parked near MsTioga. We went into MsTioga and had a nice talk. Roy & Annie live in upstate New York, and this is their first time west of the Mississippi River.

We on the Tioga RV Team feel sooooooo honored that our readers come by to say "Hi!" to us.
Reader John.

Roy & Annie.

6:30PM - Nite Camped.
We went east in the City of Casa Grande, and found our Nite Camp in a place that might be a construction site. We don't know for sure, because it is too dark to see.

PS: Our China Buffet fortune cookie predicted, "You will experience small success, especially in romance." Can you imagine that? At 70 years of age?!


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