Saturday, December 29, 2007

9:30AM - Bampo or Bampito?
This morning we will be heading out of our Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Villa Juarez for our first Bampo, the Pueblo of Huatabampo [Pronounced: watt-ah-bahm-poh]. We see on the map, that there is a Bampito [small Bampo] ahead right near the water of the Gulf of Mexico. It is Huatabampito! Maybe we will look there for our Nite Camp?

We biked thru all of downtown Villa Juarez looking for a laundry to wash clothes. And could not find one. We asked a lady where was the laundry. "We don't have a laundry in Villa Juarez.", she replied! Wow!

2PM - Huatabampo!
We have reached the large City of Huatabampo! It took MsTioga awhile to get here. We traveled thru mostly agricultural areas, and often road conditions required slow going.

Little Mavicito saw rich farm land, with modern equipment. And, two men in a horse drawn wagon who had spent the morning gathering mesquite wood to burn for heat in their homes.

Now we are Afternoon Camped across from a park and the Municipal Palace of Huatabampo.
Farmland along our journey.

Men gathering mesquite.

Municipal Palace, Huatabampo.

4PM - Movies for one dollar?
The downtown market section of Huatabampo is a really very busy place. We rode Mr. Trek, so it was very easy to maneuver thru the traffic and we could go down streets closed off to vehicles.

We came to a street vendor with a crowd of customers looking thru 100s of CDs. Movies were being sold for $10 pesos, under $1US. We have never seen a ripped off movie before! And these had to be ripoffs.

We bought a movie titled, "We Are Marshall" starring Matthew McConaughey. When we got back to MsTioga, Ms. GQ said, "This is a ripoff, do you want me to play it?!" The sound is in English with Spanish subtitles.
Ripoff vendor in Huatabampo.

5:30PM - Nite Camped.
MsTioga moved from her Afternoon Camp across from the park and has made a Nite Camp next to a school. This is a residential neighborhood. We are hoping that we will not disturb anybody by staying the nite.


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