Tuesday, December 18, 2007

9AM - Banditos are going to get you!
The Team has received a bunch of warnings from readers that we should be careful in Mexico. Some email include links to news stories of tourists in Mexico who have been attacked.

We do not worry about banditos in Mexico. We even drive thru California and all over the western United States completely unafraid. Of course we are not careless and do not put ourselves in harms way.

We are prepared!

Jorge in Mexico.

10AM - Price of fuel in Mexico.
Many readers are curious about the price of fuel here in Mexico? Is fuel cheaper or more expensive than the United States?

As we drove south out of the City of Magdalena this morning, MsTioga stopped at a Pemex gas station to take a peek. Pemex is the federal government of Mexico's auto fuel company and it is a monopoly [no competition].

Diesel Fuel: $5.93 pesos per liter [$2.05US per gallon].
Regular gas: $7.01 pesos per liter [$2.43US per gallon].

MsTioga loves the lower price of fuel here in Mexico!

11:30AM - The City of Santa Ana.
We drove 14 miles south of Magdalena, and came to the City of Santa Ana. It is getting close to lunch time, so we stopped at a place that posted signs for chicken. However, this place turned out NOT to be a restaurant. They sold fresh chicken, for customers to prepare themselves.

After leaving this store, a car pulled up beside MsTioga. It was the owner of the chicken store. She said from her open car window, follow me and I will show you a good place to buy BBQ chicken! Can you imagine that?
Are we living good, or what?

3PM - Pueblo of El Llano.
We have made a Nite Camp in the Pueblo of El Llano. The sign states 900 people live in El Llano.

We found a nice street to make our Camp, and went over to the two nearest homes to ask permission to stay the nite. We received that permission.

Very soon a bunch of curious kids came over to find out about MsTioga and The Team. The kids wondered about MsTioga's mural of the mine in Santa Rosalia. So, we brought out a map of Mexico to show them where Santa Rosalia is located.
The kids were distracted as Little Mavicito took this pic.


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