Wednesday, December 26, 2007

9AM - The City of Empalme!
We headed out this morning intending to search for adventure in the City of Guaymas. However, MsTioga got on Highway #15 going to the City of Empalme! Wow!

MsTioga was overheard talking to Mr. Chips. "Chippy, If we are going to explore Mexico, I'm going to have to keep my tires rolling on the road!", said MsTioga.

12 Noon - Water and gasoline.
MsTioga went to the Pemex to fill up on gasoline. While there we asked permission to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank. There was a store next to the Pemex that sold purified drinking water, and we exchanged our empty 5-gallon jug for a filled one.
Fresh water fillup at Pemex.

2PM - Virtual Reality Education.
We are working with our friend and retired photo journalist Mike Fousie to learn about making our own VR pics. These things are not easy to make! You may remember Mike from our visit with him at the Escapee RV park in Benson, Arizona earlier this month. We email the VR images to Mike, and he tells us what is wrong with them.

We took a VR pic of the steam engine at the entrance to the City of Empalme, and are going to publish this VR image even it comes out terrible. If we are able to do this, the link to this VR will be below this 2PM post.

4PM - This VR stuff is hard to do!
We made a VR image, and tried to publish it. However, we could not figure the publishing part out. This may be a long learning curve kind of thing.

So, Mr. Trek said that we should take a break, and we are going out on a bike ride in the City of Empalme. The following day, Ms. GQ and George published our first VR pic.

5PM - The Elote Man.
Elote is corn. Little Mavicito and Jorge watched The Elote Man for an hour. His little cart is so very popular!

Elote is sold by the ear or by the cup. It costs 12 pesos, about $1.11 cents [US]. Elote is heated up by a propane burner under the big steel tub. Many customers choose their ear of corn with tongs. A round stick/handle is pounded into the bottom of the ear. Lime juice is rubbed on the ear. A little salt. Chili sauce. Powdered Mozzarella cheese. Red chili powder. Wow!

We stood watching The Elote Man for an hour. There wasn't a minute without a customer. The Elote Man works about five hours each day. Even when it rains he works, which is rare here in Empalme.
Lime juice.


Mozzarella cheese.

Happy customers.


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