Friday, December 21, 2007

9AM - Heading for El Centro of Hermosillo.
Little Mavicito wants to go to El Centro [The Center] of Hermosillo. So, we followed the signs and headed out of our Nite Camp. After awhile, MsTioga felt a little lost, so we made a Morning Camp in a large park to get our bearings.

This park looks like a good place to wash MsTioga. We are a little behind in our washing because of the cold weather of the past week. But now it is warmer here in the City of Hermosillo where the elevation is about 850 feet compared to 4,000 feet at our last Nite Camp in Arizona.

As you may see in the pic below, Mr. Sunny has his panels tilted. We must spend a few hours each morning collecting the Sun's energy to recharge our battery bank.
Our Morning Camp in a Hermosillo park.

1PM - Searching Camped in Hermosillo.
After Mr. Sunny's battery bank got charged, we took off again for El Centro. Pretty soon it was clear that we did not know where we were! The City of Hermosillo is very large, with lots of traffic. Maneuvering MsTioga is an interesting and challenging thing, especially when our destination is not clear.

We saw a giant Ace Hardware store. MsTioga has a busted hose on her cruise control that she would like repaired. We took this opportunity to make a Camp near the Ace store to perhaps find some way to re-connect the hose to the cruise control. And especially, to look at our Google Map and find out where we are!

4PM - Nite Camped near some government buildings.
After we bought a brass fitting to repair MsTioga's cruise control, we headed east thru Hermosillo. You would be soooooo proud of MsTioga, as she courageously went thru a downtown area with tons of traffic!

We found a place to make our Nite Camp behind some government buildings. There are some taco stands nearby, and we were thinking about going out for supper!
MsTioga and The Team Nite Camped in Ciudad Hermosillo.

6:30PM -Palominos Restaurante.
It seems as though the taco stands close when the employees who work in the government buildings go home. So,we looked around and a couple of blocks away we found Palominos Restaurante. A full service table cloth class restaurant!

We ordered a combination brochette with wonderful steak and large bacon wrapped shrimp, green and red pepper and white onions. It was soooooooo good!

MsTioga is concerned that we may be getting a bit spoiled!

Little Mavicito captures Jorge at Palominos.


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