Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Christmas Party!
Little Mavicito is very anxious to tell you the story of The Christmas Party that we were invited to last nite. The party started around midnite. We have found it traditional in Mexico for parties to begin late and last until the early morning.

What would a party in Mexico be without beer, tequila and music for dancing? And the music is cranked up in volume and is very loud! Double Wow!
My friend Nabor wears the straw hat.

Kids & video games, same as in the USA.

PiƱata hats.

Nabor and wife dancing.

Dancing, dancing, dancing!

10AM - Harbor Camped.
We have gone across the City of Guaymas and have made a Day Camp near the harbor. The ferry from the Pueblo of Santa Rosalia is close to our Camp. .

We did not leave The Christmas Party until 4AM this morning, and the music and dancing were still going strong. Francisco, the son-in-law of Nabor walked me back to MsTioga. I believe that Francisco may have worried that I might fall down. I had put down several beers. I do not usually drink more than one beer!

5PM - Mr. DeLorme got lost!
During the afternoon, we searched for adventure around the harbor of Guaymas. Little Mavicito took the pano pic below. Then we headed for our Hill Camp near Nabor's home.

We asked Mr. DeLorme to show us the way back. However, Mr. DeLorme could not find his location. Wow! We wandered around in a giant circle searching, and ironically wound up back at the harbor of Guaymas. The same place where Little Mavicito took his pano pic!

We decided to make this place our Nite Camp because it is getting toward dusk. We are only a short distance from the water of the harbor. MsTioga seems to be safely parked.

If you click on the Google Map link below, you may see where The Team is Nite Camped.

We are Nite Camped close to the harbor.


Google Map Link

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  1. Looks like they fixed up the waterfront and I don't think it would make a good nite site anymore.