Wednesday, January 02, 2008

11AM - Tour of Creel.
When this day began, I had no idea how fabulous it would be! The people who have lived here longer than any others, are called the Tarahumara. We drove into the land of the Tarahumara and visited a family living in a cave!
Cave dwellers in modern times!

Behind our hotel is the Otepo Canyon. From the rim of the canyon we see Tarahumara homes at the bottom of the cliff. Present day cliff dwellers!

Tarahumara homes at the bottom of the cliff.

Tarahumara women often make their living by producing various handicrafts. Baskets from tiny to gallon size made from palm leaves and woven by hand into gorgeous artwork. A Tarahumara woman sets up her things for sale near the hotel office. She stays all day long, working at her projects and selling things to the hotel guests.

Most of the Tarahumara women that we have seen, sit on the ground making their baskets. Several layers of clothing, several dresses, and always the head scarf.

Tarahumara woman who everyday is at the hotel.

Crafts for sale.

We also visited Barranca Divisidero, a very deep canyon. There is a walking bridge over this canyon, that is soooooo scary to traverse!

The scary foot bridge across the canyon.

The canyon.

3PM - Internet cafe in the Town of Creel.
My tour guide said that there was an internet cafe in the Town of Creel. I was sooooooo happy to see that cafe.

Ms. GQ was able to publish what happened during the day of our train ride from the Pueblo of El Fuerte to our hotel near the Posadas Barrancas train station [January 1st].

4:30PM - Friends by the fire.
It is very cold here when the Sun is low in the sky. So, Little Mavicito and I went to sit by the big fireplace in the hotel's dining room.

While in the dining room, we talked with the lady preparing handmade flour tortillas for supper and we got a fresh hot tortilla which was soooooo good!

Soon a family came to also sit by the warmth of the fire. They are the González family from Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico. What a wonderful family! So friendly. After talking in front of the fire and sharing stories, we all went to eat supper together!

We also shared email addresses and promised to visit them when MsTioga and The Team go to the City of Leon. Isn't that wonderful?!

Handmade flour tortillas!

The González family from León.

8PM - Preparing our blog.
Since there is no internet access at the hotel, during the evening we have been preparing our blog as a text file. That way we do not forget what happened during the day. This text file includes the file names for our pics. Tomorrow when we get back to MsTioga in the Pueblo of El Fuerte, we will be able to quickly publish what happened today by converting the text file to our blog format.
Preparing the blog in our hotel room.

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