Wednesday, January 16, 2008

6:30AM - Best job in the World!
Ms. GQ and I have been up early this morning, writing and posting onto RV forums. We also were messing with our webpages. We have the best job in the World!

8AM - How are things in Mexico?
It seems to us on the TiogaRV Team, that many in the United States may have misconceptions of how life is here in Mexico. Let me tell you about my morning walk today.

Just around the corner where MsTioga is Camped, is a little restaurant. The roof is like a tent, and the walls are of fabric, some with translucent plastic windows. A bit farther on, is another restaurant, and then another, and another. A man on this street is selling shrimp that he caught this morning at the ocean a few miles west of the Pueblo.

Capitalism is alive here in La Cruz. If you are not in business for yourself, you were in business. Or you are planning a business. Business life in Mexico is not difficult, because municipal government tends to stay off of the backs of the people.

We see people are sweeping the streets. Not just some people, many people. If a person lives on a street that is a dirt road, they sweep the debris and leaves from tress off the dirt road.

There appears to be little unemployment here in the Pueblo of La Cruz de Elota. I asked a man what happens if a guy cannot get a job here in La Cruz. He told me that residents may go to the Municipal Government, who will give them work; sweeping streets or doing something with their hands. As a result, there is no food stamp program here. People are expected to work. If they do not work, well?
Sweeping in La Cruz.

9AM - Joan & Mike!
A big Class A RV pulled up behind MsTioga. It is our friends from Canada, Joan & Mike.

We hadn't seen each other, since 2005, when MsTioga and The Team were traveling in Canada. So, we had a ton of things to talk about. We decided to eat at a taco place across the street that specialized in tacos carnitas [pork tacos]. They were soooooo good, and served with chopped white onion, celantro and a delicious homemade salsa that was just right [not too hot].

The boy in the pic below, is Pedrocito, a very enterprising and personable 12 year old. Pedrocito was visiting inside MsTioga when Joan & Mike arrived, and Mike invited him to go eat with us. Pedrocito is a very nice person!
Joan & Mike inside MsTioga.

Mike, Joan, Jorge & Pedrocito at the taco place.

12 Noon - Playa La Ceuta.
Joan & Mike just pulled out and are heading north maybe to the City of Las Mochis. Wow! Joan & Mike sure do travel fast! We enjoyed visiting with them so very much!

MsTioga and The Team decided to head out and spend the afternoon near the ocean of Playa La Ceuta, a bit west of the Pueblo La Cruz de Elota. We won't be Nite Camping here, but will return to La Cruz where we were last nite.

Click the beach image below, to see where we are in Fousie Magic!

4:30PM - A restaurant at the beach.
After doing a bit of washing of the front of MsTioga, I was walking along the beach front. There was a guy there who was on a horse, and I asked if I could pet the horse. While I was messing around with the horse, this guy's grandfather came over, and we had a nice conversation about the land that he owned there. Beach front land.

The grandfather's name is Domingo, and not only does he own all of this land, but the restaurant too. His family lives at the restaurant, and works there too. Domingo invited me to stay the nite at his restaurant. Domingo says that it is very safe here, no problems at all! Double Wow!

I am going to return to the restaurant now, and have supper there. The fish and shrimp look really good. Isn't this the greatest thing? Hmmmmm?

7PM - Fish with its head still on.
This is the very first time in my life, that I came face to face to eat a fish with its head still on!

In the pic below, you will see my first "robalo" fish. It is fried with lots of good seasonings. I also ordered shrimp.
There was enough for two meals. And I ate the whole thing! Wow!

While I ate supper, I talked with Domingo. His family has friends and relatives living in the City of San Mateo, California. The family travels back and forth between their home here at Playa La Ceuta and San Mateo. Grandson Edgar [he rides the horse] had a job in San Mateo for awhile cleaning homes.
Domingo and Grandson Edgar.

My shrimp plate.

The robalo fish looking at me!

Restaurant Del Mar at Playa La Ceuta.


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