Monday, January 07, 2008

6:30AM - MsTioga Magazine story on Copper Canyon.
Ms. GQ and Jorge were up early working on a draft of their MsTioga Magazine story about Copper Canyon. We have asked two of our readers to review this story, and make suggestions in order for the information to be more useful.

Would you like to see this draft?

Note from MsTioga: If you have visited Copper Canyon and have ideas to improve our story, please send an email.

12 Noon - MsTioga still looking good!
When MsTioga got her fiberglass and paint jobs down in Ciudad ConstituciĆ³n last spring, she knew that there would be tough times ahead! The Team often travels thru forests, where trees would reach out to mess up MsTioga's new paint!

Jorge and MsTioga talked about changing our way of courageous traveling, and decided to stay the same as before. We did not want to get chicken about going places. So, MsTioga has some bruises and scratches from going into the wilds.

In the pic below, Jorge is not able to clean all the marks and scratches. But, MsTioga is still looking good!
Cleaning MsTioga at Ed Fuentes' Rio Fuerte home.

2PM - MsTioga's early years.
MsTioga never talked to us about her life before she became a Vagabonder-Supreme. This afternoon, Mr. Chips asked MsTioga about those times.

"When I was brand new, I was sold to El Monte RV. I was an RV rental for about four years. People drove me all over the place. I had an undiscovered leak that allowed rain to enter my cabover clearance lites and down into the bed below. El Monte RV sold me to a family that lived in San Jose, California. This family owned me for about five years, then traded me in for a new RV."

"In 2003 when George found me at Manteca RV in Manteca, California, I was in pretty sorry shape. I thought nobody would want me. My cabover floor was all rotten. And my refrigerator did not work."

"But George bought me anyway and my life turned around. I became MsTioga, Vagabonder-Supreme. The most famous and powerful RV in the history of the World!"

We all had tears in our eyes as MsTioga finished her story.

"You just never know what wonderful things may happen around the next bend in the road. Never give up!" said MsTioga.


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