Thursday, January 31, 2008

6:30AM - Rancho de Tecolote.
Cirilo is up, and his grandson Edgar is just getting dressed. They sleep here at Rancho de Tecolote [Owl Ranch]. Cirilo sleeps in the back of the big truck and Edgar in the front of the pickup. They sleep here every nite, because their animals need protection. Cirilo has been sleeping here at nite for many years, seven days each week. Cirilo's home and the rest of the family are a short distance away on the other side of the paved road in the Pueblo of Trigomil.

In the pic below, you are looking east across Cirilo's field of sugar cane. The sierras [mountains] are in the distance.
View from Señorita's roof.

7:30AM - Morning walk.
After breakfast, Little Mavicito and Jorge walked the dirt road leading up the hill from the rancho. There is another rancho there, also growing sugar cane.

When we came back, we went to see the tiny waterfall and pond. The waterfall is only about 300 feet from our Camp. It is lovely there. Cirilo gets the water he uses for his animals from this pond, using a gasoline powered pump.
The waterfall and pond.

9AM - Damaged leveler.
It appears that Mr. Levelers' is going to be only three jacks strong for awhile. As you may see from the pic below, the jack is sort of bent at a 90° angle.
The messed up jack!

10AM to 3PM - Sooooo many things!
There are soooooo many things happening. Little Mavicito has decided let you in on what is going on in pics!
Pigs got a bath.

Mom Carmelina washes clothes.

We rested!

Table set for the meal.

Cleaning nopales.

Cooking nopales.

4PM - All the ladies visit Señorita Tioga.
I asked the ladies if they would like to visit inside Señorita Tioga. Ranchera Carmelina immediately said, "Yes!", with a big smile.

They looked at all of Señorita Tioga's stuff. The kitchen, dining room, upholstered chairs, shower, toilet. Visitors are always interested in the pictures of my family, and there are many on the walls.

They looked at the computers, and I showed them Google Earth. "Do you see where you live?", I asked. Immediately they saw the road to their homes. "Go that way!" Now go this way!" "Go up!"

Everybody was soooooo excited to see where they lived on Google Earth!


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