Monday, January 28, 2008

6AM - Going to Ford.
MsTioga has decided to go to the Ford dealer here in the City of Tepic. The Ford dealer is located very close to where we have been Camped this weekend.

If Ford is NOT able to work on MsTioga's leaking engine coolant problem, we will ask them for a recommendation for a local mechanic.

7AM - Ford opens at 8AM.
Camped in front of the Ford dealer. The service department opens at 8AM, and we will find out then if they are able to work on Señorita Tioga.
Señorita Tioga at Ford in Tepic.

8AM - Señorita Tioga being worked on!
Would you believe that Señorita Tioga got right in to the shop? Wow! We thought that we would need an appointment!
In the shop at Ford in the City of Tepic.

10AM - Ms. GQ on Ford's Network!
Ms. GQ, hardworking laptop that she is, talked the network administrator at Ford to give her the passwords. So, we are on the net!

The mechanic working on Señorita Tioga found that the "tapa" is broken. We understand the "tapa" is the casting that holds the water pump, etc. The mechanic is taking out the tapa now, and it will take about two hours to remove. Wow!

Ford here in Tepic, does not have a new tapa. But the tapa needs to be first removed in order to know completely what is the problem. Maybe the tapa can be repaired? Or, a new one must be ordered from the USA? We do not know at this time!

11:30AM - Pic of the broken tapa!
Little Mavicito was able to capture a pic of the broken "tapa". If you take a look at the pic below, you will see Jorge pointing at the broken place, just below his finger. It is the dark wet section, that is a little green from the engine coolant. In front of the "tapa" is the water pump.
Close up of Señorita Tioga's broken "tapa".

1PM - The "Tapa" is not broken!
Shop Foreman, Manuel brought the removed "tapa" for me to see. The "tapa" is NOT broken. Manuel says that the corrosion that you see in the pic below, may be cleaned off.

However, a new gasket must be bought. Ford is looking around the City of Tepic to find one.
Shop Foreman Manuel shows the "tapa".

Close-up of the "tapa". Do you see the corroded place?

3:30PM - Hotel Humberto.
Señorita Tioga's repair job will not be completed until mañana. So, we asked the guys around the Ford place for a hotel recommendation. Hotel Humberto is close, only 2-3 blocks away. A small hotel, and not expensive! Wow!

Jorge, Little Mavicito and Ms. GQ walked up to the hotel. Just before the hotel, we found an internet cafe! Aren't we lucky? Hmmmm?
Hotel Humberto, City of Tepic.

4PM - A nice hot shower!
Hotel Humberto advertises, "Agua Caliente - 24 horas." We tried it, and there was plenty of hot water. Jorge took a very long and nice hot shower.

The room is clean, and has a window overlooking the main road. We believe that it will be nice and quiet for sleeping. There is a bottle of water for drinking, soap, a towel and a TV. What more could we want?

Our room at Hotel Humberto.

5PM - Internet Cafe.
We are now at the internet cafe. The connection speed is super fast! Ms. GQ is whizzing along at top speed.

We are not able to answer email when we are away from Mr. Datastorm. Something about our email software setup. So, we will be answering email in la mañana. Bién?

We are leaving our location maps unchanged, and pointing at the Ford dealer. Hotel Humberto is a few blocks to the east.


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