Tuesday, January 22, 2008

6AM - Looking back at El Quemado.
Last week, MsTioga and The Team Camped for three nites in El Quemado. And, we learned a few things about living on a rancho.

We learned that a rancho sometimes is a very small thing. Rigoberto's rancho is his house, a corral for the cows, and a piece of land on the other side of El Rio [The River].

Rigoberto and his son, Rigo, work only about four hours each day. They earn enough from four hours of work to be able to live a comfortable life. In the Pueblo of El Quemado, only $800 pesos per week [$80US] is enough. It is clear that Rigoberto and Rigo earn more than this minimum. Rigoberto with his cattle business, selling milk and cows. Son Rigo with his chicken business.

Starting a chicken business [for example] in a rancho town such as El Quemado is very easy. It is not necessary to apply to the municipal governement. Just start raising and selling chickens! People running their own business in El Quemado have time for themselves and family. That is why we on the Team observed so many people of this Pueblo simply chatting with each other.

Just before we were to leave El Quemado, we asked Rigo to phone Oscar the welder in order to ask a question. Rigo got his phone book, and looked for Oscar's number. I was amazed to see that the phone book was written in pencil. Not a printed phone book.

Wow! A hand written phone book. Looking at that phone book blew me away!

9AM - Big boulder between duallys.
As we left our Nite Camp, we heard a thumping sound coming from the duallys. There was a big boulder lodged between the duallys on MsTioga's left side. We tried to pry the boulder out, but it was in there solid.

We went to a llantera [tire shop], and they got the large rock out in just a few minutes.
Llantera guys take out boulder from MsTioga's duallys.

3PM - Ciudad Villa Union.
MsTioga and The Team have left La Ciudad de Mazatlán. And, we have found a very nice Nite Camp in La Ciudad Villa Union.

We drove thru El Centro [the center] part of Villa Union, and on the other side of town saw a baseball stadium. There was a man inside the stadium watching TV. We went over and met Mañuel, who takes care of the stadium.

We asked if it was OK to stay one nite inside the stadium, and Mañuel gave his permission. MsTioga drove thru the barbed wire gate, and now we are inside.
Mañuel and Jorge.

The baseball stadium.

5PM - Kids playing baseball.
During the afternoon, Little Mavicito and Jorge watched the kids play a version of "fly's-up" on the baseball field. One kid came over to talk, and then came another.

It is amazing how little Spanish is understood! My ability to speak is fine. But when the kids are talking like lightning! Understanding them is hard!

These two kids wanted to look inside MsTioga. We asked permission of the men having a meeting of the baseball club, and they said that it would be OK.

Below is a pic of these two kids. Like many kids, when asked to smile for their photo they don't know what to do exactly.
Mañuel & Aurelio [sp?].


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