Thursday, January 10, 2008

7:30AM - The beach.
When Little Mavicito went to the beach this morning, the Sun was bright. The sea birds were out fishing for breakfast. Then, as the Sun rose, we got socked in!
Sunny beach.

Birds fishing for breakfast.

Socked in!

12 Noon - Fousie Magic Roundo Camera.
When the Sun came out, we went out on the beach to mess with our Fousie Magic Roundo Camera. We are still learning how to use our Fousie Magic, but were happy with the pic that it made!

Click the beach image below, to see where we are in Fousie Magic!

3:30PM - What a day!
We had such a great time today! Because of the beach, the blue sea and waves, the palapas and palm trees; this place looks like a tropical paradise! We were having such a great time, that we forgot to eat breakfast AND lunch!

By the middle of the afternoon, food was on our mind! So, we whipped up this really nice supper.
Our wonderful supper!


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