Saturday, January 05, 2008

7:30AM - Doing things in the City of Los Mochis.
Last nite we camped in a large parking lot across from a movie theater in Los Mochis. Now we have made a Morning Camp across the street in a vacant lot. MsTioga is positioned so that Mr. Sunny's panels are perfect for making electricity.

Ms. GQ and Jorge are working on a MsTioga Magazine story titled, "Copper Canyon Adventure." Little Mavicito wants to produce a movie about Copper Canyon, but we are not sure about that!

11AM - Fabulous day!
Time is flying on this fabulous day in Los Mochis. After we finished messing with computer stuff and answering email, it was time to go shopping at the Super Ley Store down the street.

Now it is time for breakfast. We bought a nice cantaloupe for a fruit salad with breakfast.
Jorge returning from the Super Ley.

1PM - Ed comes to call.
It is amazing how things happen! Yesterday an email came from Reader Allen telling us of his friend Ed who lives in Los Mochis. This afternoon there was a knock on MsTioga's door, and it was Ed!

We went with Ed on a tour of Los Mochis, and then south to the nearby harbor town of Topolobampo. We had wanted to go to Topolobampo because of our Uncle Seymour's interest in this town. But since it was too far away for MsTioga to make it a day trip we ruled out going there.

However today, thru the magic of the internet, we got to see parts of Los Mochis, Topolobampo and later on went out for supper with Ed! Man-O-Man!
Ed Fuentes of Los Mochis.

The harbor Town of Topolobampo.

Ed at the island restaurant off Topolobampo.

Jorge and Ed at supper.

6PM - Camped near Ed's home.
We had planned to go make our Nite Camp down by the river in Los Mochis. Ed owns land there which he offered us to use. We had such a good time talking at the restaurant, that it got to be too dark for driving safely.

So, we have made our Nite Camp in a vacant lot close to Ed's home.


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