Thursday, January 17, 2008

7:30AM - Goodbye Playa La Ceuta.
We watched Edgar feed and water Canelo [his horse] and then saddle up for his morning ride. After thanking Edgar for his and his Grandfather's hospitality, MsTioga headed back to the Pueblo of La Cruz de Elota.

The Carretera Libre [Free Highway] is on the other side of La Cruz, and we want to travel south on this road. While in the Pueblo of La Cruz de Elota, MsTioga bought $500 pesos of Magna [regular gas] at a Pemex, and then we headed out.
Edgar on his horse, Canelo.

9AM - Pueblo of Elota.
The Carretera Libre is about 18KM northeast of La Cruz. After we reached this free road, MsTioga and Mr. Sunny began looking for a Morning Camp. We have chores to do, and Mr. Sunny has to put up his solar panels to get his battery charged.

We came to a road sign that read "Elota 2KM" to the east, and we took that road. MsTioga drove thru the Pueblo, and found a flat place to Camp next to a playground. Across this playground are several very large stacks of sticks - somebody is in the fence post business!
Entering Elota.

Piles of fence posts near our Camp.

11:30AM - Tranquility.
In the Country of Mexico, it has been my experience to learn that "tranquility" is the highest value. I've asked 1000s of Mexican people, "What do you like about your town?" And "tranquility" has always been the reply.

Here in the Pueblo of Elota where we are Day Camped, tranquility covers us like a warm blanket. The only sounds that come to the ear are roosters crowing and every now and then, the sound of an engine is heard for a second or two. Oh yes, and we heard two ladies talking together on a nearby porch.
MsTioga & The Team at the home of tranquility, the Pueblo of Elota.

3:30PM - Something is broken!
We were looking for a Pueblo to make our Nite Camp, and followed a paved road east of the Free Highway. We found the Pueblo of El Quemado which looked very good.

We found a place for our Nite Camp, and that was when we noticed that MsTioga's black water tank looked out of position! Man-O-Man.

If you click on the pic below, you may see the broken strap that is supposed to hold the angle iron bracket that is hanging down.
MsTioga's broken strap.

4PM - Oscar the welder.
There is a family who lives across the street from where MsTioga is Camped. Rigoberto Tirado Sandoval lives there with his wife and family. Their son, Rigo, in his Dad & Mom's home. When I asked Rigo if there was a welder in the Pueblo, he told me there was. Then Rigo went and told the welder about MsTioga's problem.

In just a short time, the welder drove up and parked next to MsTioga. The welder's name is Oscar. MsTioga followed Oscar thru the narrow, winding streets of El Quemado. When we got to Oscar's home, we found his shop attached to the house. Then, we met Oscar's family.

Mr. Levelers lifted MsTioga way up, so that Oscar was able to have room to work. The broken bracket that holds MsTioga's black water tank was lifted into place with our 12 ton hydraulic jack. Oscar fabricated two brackets to secure the bracket then welded them into place.
Oscar fabricating the bracket as his family looks on.

Welding the brackets below MsTioga.

5:30PM - MsTioga's broken bracket is fixed!
It is amazing that in only two hours since we arrived in the Pueblo of El Quemado and discovered MsTioga's broken bracket, that everything is fixed! Man-O-Man!

After the bracket was repaired, we talked with Oscar for awhile. He has lived here in El Quemado or in Mazatlan for his whole life, and all his family lives in either of these two places.

I asked Oscar what the price is for the repair, and he told me $150 pesos. I gave Oscar $200 pesos, and when he did not have change, I asked for the price to be $200 pesos [about $20US].

MsTioga did not know the way back to Rigo's home where we want to Camp for the Nite, so Oscar drove in his truck and we followed him back.


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