Wednesday, January 09, 2008

7:30AM - It's T-shirt & short pants weather!
For us on The Team, it is warm enough for T-shirt & short pants! Not for the people who live in the City of Guasave, however. The people here can take the heat. But today is still cool for them.

This morning we broke our Nite Camp, and moved across the City of Guasave. We were just looking around to see what could be seen. However, MsTioga was searching for a Morning Camp where she could get a bit more washing done. In the pic below, we have just finished that washing, including cleaning Mr. Sunny's solar panels.

This is a residential neighborhood. MsTioga is next to a school. We will stay here until Mr. Sunny's battery bank is charged, then head south.
Our Morning Camp in the City of Guasave, State of Sinaloa.

12 Noon - You should go to the Ocean?
We received a Shoutbox message from our friend Ed Fuentes. "You have to get your self to Las Gloria, its like Guasave´s Maviri beach, I think you will like it.", wrote Ed.

Then we received an email from Lloyd the father of our friend Terry Taylor who wrote, "As long as you are in the area you might want to visit the RV park called Los Glorias on the coast just West of you."

MsTioga said, "I think that our destiny today is to go to Las Glorias!"

1:30PM - Playas Las Glorias.
We left our Morning Camp, and only in a minute or so, came upon a road sign which read, "Las Glorias 40KM." A sure sign that we were going in the right direction.

MsTioga is now Camped off the beach. We see the water of the Sea of Cortez out of our window. There are a bunch of palapas here.
The Team at Playas Las Glorias.

3PM - A word about warnings.
This afternoon while we were scouting for our Camp at Playas Las Glorias, we spoke with a man who lived across from the beach. We wanted to know if was free to Camp near the palapas. The man said, "Yes, it is free. But it is dangerous. You have to be careful."

We on The Team are very careful about where we make our Camps. And yet, we have made our Camp here at Playas Las Glorias. If there is risk making a Camp here, we are willing to take it. Because if we ran scared from this Camp, what would that mean for us?
Jorge at Playas Las Gloria!

5PM - Main drag thru town.
Little Mavicito and Jorge took a walk to the little grocery, to buy some after supper sweets. On the way, Little Mavicito became fascinated with the large palm tree lined street shown in the pic below.

Only one block from the beach, this street promises to be really something someday in the future.
Lovely street in Las Glorias.


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