Monday, January 21, 2008

7:30AM - Malecón de Mazatlán.
MsTioga has found her Morning Camp along the Malecón [sea wall] of the Ciudad de Mazatlán. There are many norteños walking here for their morning exercise.

The Team has one main chore today. To do our laundry. Sharp eyed Little Mavicito spotted a lavandería on our way here, and it is not too far away.
MsTioga across from the Malecón de Mazatlán.

10AM - MsTioga to the welding shop.
When Oscar the welder in El Quemado secured MsTioga's black water tank, we did not realize that the other side of the tank was also loose. After we dropped off the laundry at the lavanderia, we found a welding shop just around the corner.

We jacked up the black water tank to the right height. Then the welder put four small welds securing the tank in place.

After the job was complete, the price was given at $70 pesos. We on The Team always bargain when we are able. We offered $60 pesos which was accepted with a smile!

MsTioga at the welder.

1PM - We found this beach in Mazatlán....
Little Mavicito wanted to go north a bit to see what can be seen. So, we did! And we found this beach that is just below our Camp. However, our Camp is on a construction site!

Escondido Towers is its name. MsTioga thinks that the construction crew will kick us out of here!
MsTioga Camped on a construction site overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

3PM - Readers Croft and Norma.
A voice called out, "George, are you in there?" It was reader Croft and his wife Norma. They are here in Mazatlán with their son Brooks and his wife Linda.

Croft and his family live in British Columbia, Canada.
Norma, Brooks, Croft and Linda.

While we were all inside MsTioga having a good time talking, a man walked up and asked that we move out. He told us that it was a request from the owners. The man spoke perfect English, and appeared to be an American.

This is the very first time that we have been asked to leave a Camp since we began camping in Mexico in 2003.
Leaving the beach and heading toward El Centro de Mazatlán.

6PM - Nite Camped across from a high school.
We have made our Nite Camp on the outskirts of El Centro de Mazatlán. There is a school across the street and a vacant lot next to us.

It is very dark here! Hmmmmm?


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