Saturday, January 26, 2008

7:30AM - Traveling so much.
As we traveled down the highway this morning, Señorita Tioga and Jorge were talking about the boy we met in the park yesterday evening. After we had talked with this boy a bit, and he knew what we did, he wondered why we didn't stay in one place? And if traveling was a lot of work?

Señorita Tioga and Jorge love to travel. Only short distances though. We love the feeling of the scenery flowing flowing by as we move along on our journey. Where we Camp is not important, as long as it is peaceful there. We also love it if there are friendly people where we Camp. And we love places where we are alone too.

When we told this boy that, "Everywhere that we go, we are home.", he just looked with questioning eyes.

9AM - Our Morning Camp.
Our trip this morning has been under foggy skies. It is already T-shirt and short pants weather though. Mr. Sunny has been looking for when the Sun would shine bright in order to recharge his batteries.

When we broke out of the fog, we came to a road leading east from the highway, and have made a Morning Camp here. Mr. Sunny's panels are up. There is a pond next to us, and on the Google Map, we see a river flowing close. Across the road is a plant the makes concrete products and there are black sweet pea flowers growing against the fence. We have never seen black sweet peas before!
Our Morning Camp, north of Tepic.

1:30PM - Señorita Tioga sprung a leak!
A big rig with a trailer went over the side of the highway, bringing vehicles to a halt. After the tractor was towed away, we decided to take a break while the traffic cleared. That was when Señorita Tioga complained that her engine coolant was leaking. Wow!

And it was not just leaking, it was flowing out fast!

We stayed there for the engine to cool down, and then filled the radiator with water and continued on to the City of Tepic. Señorita Tioga did not overheat as we drove.

2:30PM - Camped in the City of Tepic.
We have found a neighborhood that looks nice, and have made our Camp next to a kid's play park. The coolant is still leaking, but not as fast. When the pressure from the radiator was released, the coolant stopped leaking.

Jorge does not like to work on stuff like this anymore. But he says that he will take a look to see if it is something easy, like a loose clamp or something.

Señorita has all new radiator hoses, a fairly new radiator and water pump. Who knows what could be the problem? Here in Tepic, there are plenty of mechanics to fix this up.
Señorita Tioga cooling off in Tepic.

3:30PM - Met some neighbors.
Two young men who live down the street came to the park to use the swings. Their names are Cesar and Edmundo, and they are cousins. We talked quite a bit about things that they like to do, and one of those things is watch rooster fights. Wow!

Cesar and Edmundo are both interested in computers and the internet. We all agreed that tomorrow they would introduce me to their mothers, and if they obtained permission to enter Señorita Tioga, I would show them how to put photos on the internet!
Cesar, Jorge and Edmundo.

5PM - Jorge looks at the engine.
In order to look down into the engine, the air breather was removed. There is no leak to be seen coming from the thermostat, the engine block or the radiator hoses.

From looking up thru the bottom of the engine, the leak appears to be coming from a hose which may lead to the heater core. I cannot get to view that hose without removing the heater blower, and I don't want to do that.

On Monday Señorita Tioga will go to a mechanic to get her leak fixed. In the meantime, we are comfortable in the City of Tepic.


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