Sunday, January 27, 2008

7AM - Mayans and Aztecs.
During our morning walk, we came upon artwork on the wall of the football stadium, here in the City of Tepic. This art appears to be a representation of the Spaniards arrival into the World of Mayans and Aztecs.

Little Mavicito was jumping around with joy, because he has been begging and pleading for us to go visit the ancient places where the Mayans and Aztecs lived.
Artwork at the football stadium in Tepic, Nayarít, Mexico.

10AM - Virtual Reality of our Park Camp in Tepic.
Little Mavicito and Señor Fousie Magic went out and captured a VR of our Park Camp in the City of Tepic, Mexico!

Click the park image below, to see where we are in Fousie Magic!

3PM - Dating in Mexico.
Ever since we entered Mexico last December, we have been seeing young dating couples walking hand-in-hand. Along streets, in parks, they are walking and talking. Little Mavicito is too shy to take pics of these couples because they might see him.

Over fifty years ago when Jorge was dating, the guys all used cars to pick up girlfriends. But here in Mexico, things are different. Milder.

Up the street from our Camp, a dating couple has been sitting on the sidewalk for the longest time. Talking and talking and talking. We are far enough away so that this couple cannot see Little Mavicito!
Dating in Tepic, Mexico.

5PM - Pic of Jorge dating!
There is a post in the ShoutBox from reader Sangeeta asking to see Jorge dating pics. We do have one pic, of Clara & Jorge going to a prom. Coincidentally, Clara was born in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico!
Jorge & Clara [1950s]


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