Friday, January 18, 2008

7AM - The morning walk [and yesterday evening].
When I first met Rigoberto's family across the street from our Camp, his father was grinding corn with a hand operated meat grinder. The ground corn would be used to make pinole, some kind of drink.

Yesterday evening, I saw the family on their front porch talking, and went over to join them. "Would you like some pinole?", asked Rigo's Mom? I told her that I had never heard of pinole, but would like to try it. Pinole is served warm in cup, and has a nice sweet flavor. It is a little thick, like soup.
Yesterday evening with the family.

The kids were playing with Tornillo, their puppy. Everybody was having a wonderful time watching little Tornillo do his cute things. Tornillo in Spanish means screw or bolt.

Playing with puppy, Tornillo.

Rigo's father owns cows and sells milk for a living. This morning while I was putting up Mr. Sunny's solar panels, I watched the father leave his home and go walking to tend to his cows. During my morning walk, I went in the same direction hoping to find him with his cows. I did not find him, but I saw many other things.

I saw people sweeping their yards, and the streets. Chickens and roosters are everywhere, walking boldly close as I passed. Many men who work for the nearby ranchos were walking to their jobs carrying the tools that they would use; a shovel, hoe or machete.
Sweeping in the plaza.

A man in a car was honking repeatedly as he drove. This man was delivering fresh tortillas and his horn was to tell customers that he was close.

Delivering tortillas to homes.

Man in hat owns tortilla store and does the deliveries too.

When I returned to Señorita Tioga, it was time for a nice cup of hot chocolate because the morning is cold.

Back with Señorita Tioga. Across the street is the home of Rigo's family.

And also to practice my Spanish by reading a Spanish language newspaper.

Jorge, hot chocolate and the Spanish newspaper.

2PM - Making our next Weekly Story.
Ms. GQ and Jorge have been working for much of the afternoon on our Weekly Story for this coming week. It may seem odd to be working here in the wonderful Pueblo of El Quemado. This is such a tranquil place. However, we love to be doing stuff like this!

This new story is about how we make our Fousie Magic Virtual Reality pics. It is taking us longer than usual to write this story, because we want to use the latest HTML code, and we don't have that stuff memorized yet.

Ms. GQ also wants to publish a Weekly Story about how we prepare a MsTioga Magazine article for Google AdSense. Perhaps you would like to also publish stories and earn AdSense income? Well, this story will be about that.

4PM - Invited to a fiesta!
We have been invited to a fiesta tomorrow! Right here in the Pueblo of El Quemado! Rigo's family across the street is having a fiesta. Oh yes, I found out the names of Rodrigo's Mother and Father. Gloria is his Mom and Rigoberto Tirado Sandoval, is his Dad.

Gloria mentioned this morning that she is making carnitas for the fiesta. And, she wanted to know if she could expect us to be at the fiesta. Wow! Wouldn't miss that fiesta for the World!

Why is the family having a fiesta? Because they are happy and want to share happiness with their family and friends! Isn't that the greatest thing?


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