Thursday, January 24, 2008

7AM - Policia called on MsTioga.
Last nite there was the sound of soft tapping on MsTioga's outside wall. It was the policía. At first there was only one, but soon four more policía arrived. All on bicycles. Jorge raised his hands in surrender. There were too many of them to fight!

It turns out that when we moved yesterday evening to our new Nite Camp location, MsTioga parked right in front of the home of the President of the Municipal government. Wow! El Presidente!

One of la policía was assigned to guard the home of El Presidente during the nite. This guard suggested moving back about 20 yards. There would be no problem parking at this place, away from in front of the home of El Presidente.

We spent a peaceful nite!

7:30AM - Leaving Escuinapa.
MsTioga's "Guia-Roji" map shows the Pueblo of Acaponeta about 65 kilometers to the south. So, we are heading out of Escuinapa and planning on making a Camp in Acaponeta.

9AM - Pueblo of Acaponeta.
When we drove thru Acaponeta, we found the streets in El Centro area were cobble stone and sort of narrow. So, we decided to look around at the edge of the town. There we found some highway construction.

We consulted with some neighbors talking together close by, who told us that no construction is being done right now on one side of the new road. So, MsTioga has made a Camp here.
View from MsTioga's roof. Do you see the Acaponeta River in the distance?

1:30PM - Plaza of Acaponeta [VR].
Little Mavicito, Señor Fousie Magic and Jorge took a walk to the Plaza of Acaponeta. There is a grand rose garden in the plaza, and statues commemorating the history of the Pueblo.

Click the Plaza of Acaponeta image below, to see where we are in Fousie Magic Virtual Reality!

2:30PM - Restaurante Mariscos Tiburon.
We all went walking around looking at the shops near the Plaza. Restaurante Mariscos Tiburon looked good. There were several families eating there.

What could we do? We are soooooooo weak!
Jorge ordered the fried shrimp!

4:30PM - People are exercising!
Tons of people are exercising, mostly walking past MsTioga on the dirt road. We learned that this road is the Malecón Del Rio Acaponeta [Dike of the Acaponeta River]. There is a program in the Pueblo, encouraging residents to keep in good health by exercising.

Many people stopped to talk, curious about what MsTioga and The Team are doing in the Pueblo. And of course, we are curious about them.

We met the man who owns the rancho just below MsTioga's Camp. He grows corn, pigs, and a few cows. It is a good size rancho, which he inherited from his parents. His ranch extends from the bottom of the Malecón all the way to El Rio Acaponeta.

His home is just on the other side of the Malecón.
Very short commute!


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