Friday, January 25, 2008

6:30AM - Pre-dawn on the Malecón.
Little Mavicito was in awe of the pre-dawn changes in light at our Camp in the Pueblo of Acaponeta.
Before dawn on the Malecón of El Río Acaponeta.

7:30AM - A passport to America.
A young woman walking on the malecón with her son yesterday afternoon, stopped to talk.

She told of once going north to Tijuana. And wanting to cross the border in order to work in America. But she was afraid, and did not cross. She did not have a passport and using a coyóte is very dangerous. [A coyóte is a person who smuggles people without a passport across the border for money.]

She wanted to go to America and earn more money, so that she could buy things. Better things for her son. Now she has a job cleaning house for a wealthy person here in Acaponeta.

10AM - A walk to the river.
Little Mavicito was anxious to walk to see El Río Acaponeta. We took the dirt road on the other side of the malecón. We found squash and some corn growing next to the river. A beautiful view.
Squash, corn and El Río Acaponeta.

2PM - Pollo Asado!
We left the Pueblo of Acaponeta. About 50 kilometers down the road, MsTioga arrived at the Pueblo of Rosamorada. We liked the look of the entrance to Rosamorada. A painted arch, and a main street that went straight thru the town.

Jorge is in the mood for Pollo Asado [BBQ Chicken]. We looked all thru the town and could not find Pollo Asado. Then, on the way back to the highway, there it was!
Daughter of the pollo man at the BBQ.

2:30PM - Camped in the park.
We waited for about 20 minutes for our Pollo Asado to be ready. The price for the Pollo Asado is $60 pesos. We countered with, "$50 pesos is better." The pollo man countered with, "Better for you, not for me!" So, we paid $60 pesos. Anyway, it is a BIG chicken!

MsTioga is now Camped at the park in Rosamorada. And Jorge is eating his Pollo Asado, which came with fresh corn tortillas and wonderful salsa!
Two horsemen came by just as Little Mavicito captured this pic!

6PM - Kids in the park.
There are about 30 kids in the park. Many of them are playing some kind of tag game. First they argue about something [I don't know what] until they agree, and then one kid starts chasing another. These kids are fast!

When the kid being chased is tagged, that person lies down on a park bench. But the lying down kid can somehow come alive after a time, and tag others.

Sounds like a good time, with lots of laughing going on.


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