Tuesday, January 08, 2008

7AM - The story of Carne Asada!
The things that happen to the TiogaRV Team are so very wonderful. It is almost like magic! We are sooooooo blessed with friends.

Yesterday afternoon in the Shoutbox [see below], came a message from our host, Ed Fuentes. "Care for some Carne Asada for Dinner George?", Ed wrote.

Just after dark, Ed arrived at his vacation paradise where MsTioga is Camped. Then H├ęctor, Ed's friend and business partner arrived too. Quickly a BBQ was set up. A small pile of mesquite charcoal was carefully built and ignited. Beef ribs were prepared. Tortillas were warmed on the fire, and we began to eat!

We cut our beef ribs up and wrapped the meat with a piece of the warm tortilla, added some salsa. Oh! The flavor is soooooo good! Ed prepared tostadas [toasted tortillas] and quesadillas with white cheese. There was beer and coke to drink.

And then came steaks. Fabulous gorgeous carne asada steaks!

While we ate, we talked together about a zillion things. About their business, and science, and the destiny of our World with the coming revolution of computers. This was an unforgettable evening, and I am so blessed to have been part of it.

Yesterday, Ed began a new blog. We on the TiogaRV Team may be responsible for Ed publishing his new blog and we are so honored by that. You may be interested to take a peek at Ed's new blog!

3PM - City of Guasave.
We left our paradise-like Camp at the vacation home of Ed Fuentes. MsTioga is now Camped in a residential neighborhood in the City of Guasave.
MsTioga Camped in the City of Guasave.


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