Tuesday, January 29, 2008

6AM - Thinking in Tepic.
Every year on my birthday since becoming a vagabond, I've set a goal for the following year. I was unable to come up with a goal this last November. Yesterday I found that goal.

Last evening I bought a hamburger at the food stand at the Ley grocery. I walked back to see how the burger was prepared, and was surprised to see the cook bring an already cooked burger from the rear room. The burger was curled up, and I figured that it had been simmering in a warm broth.

However, I did not listen to my thoughts, and allowed my order to continue. A ton of mayo and mustard was spooned on to the bun. The burger was swimming in mayo and mustard. Still I did not stop my order.

Earlier that afternoon, when I checked into the Hotel Humberto, I found that my room was on the highway side of the building. I could have asked for a room away from the highway. I did not listen to my thoughts then either.

During the evening in my hotel room, I thought about these two events. What should have I done? And that's when I came up with my goal for this year, and maybe for all of my remaining years:

Goal: To be sensitive to my thoughts. When I think something is wrong, recognize it consciously. And take action in my own best interests.

7AM - Hotel Humberto.
We are leaving Hotel Humberto, and walking back to the Ford dealer. Our hotel room cost $170 pesos, a very inexpensive price.

During the nite, after 11PM, the traffic on the highway below died down, and it was very quiet for sleeping.
Hotel Humberto.

7:30AM - Back at Ford.
We found the gaskets for both the timing cover [tapa] and the water pump sitting on the wall near MsTioga. The timing cover had been cleaned and looked ready for installation.

The mechanic told me that the timing cover gasket had been "glued" in place by the mechanic last working on MsTioga, instead of using silicone seal. Below is a pic of the seal being used.
RTV Hi-Temp Silicone used on gaskets.

9AM - Work is going great!
The timing cover is already installed, and the water pump is installed too. There is a tiny hose, only about 3" long that is being replaced. This is the water pump bypass hose. Reader John was concerned about this hose for many months, a few years back.

In the pic below, you may see this small hose, and it has only one clamp in place. I interrupted the mechanic to take this pic.

Reader John, this pic is for you!

Reader Earl Robinson from Toronto, Canada, asked for a pic of the huge bays here at Ford, Tepic.
Earl Robinson, this pic's for you!

3:30PM - Señorita Tioga is finished!
Everything was completely assembled before the two hour siesta break [1:30 to 3:30PM]. After siesta, Jorge test drove Señorita Tioga around Tepic. Then we were escorted to the cashier, and paid the bill.

The total cost is $3,306 pesos, a little over $300US. We have paid $900US in the USA for the same kind of work. However, this time, this job is done right! We have confidence in this work, and do not believe that we will have to do this job again.

5PM - Headed toward Guadalajara.
We have left the City of Tepic, and headed out on the highway toward the Huge City of Guadalajara. It is late in the afternoon, so we have made a Nite Camp in the Pueblo of San Cayetano.
Señorita Tioga in San Cayetano.

6PM - Repair job or Mexico?
Readers are really tuning in to our website! Yesterday was the first time that we went over 3,000 visits in one day [3,174]. Also yesterday was the first time we went over 300 visits in one hour [342].

Are you tuning because of Señorita Tioga's repair job, or is it Mexico?


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