Sunday, January 13, 2008

7AM - The top of Culiacán!
MsTioga and The Team decided to make our Morning Camp up on a big hill. From this Camp, we look north at the great City of Culiacán. What a view! Wow!
City of Culiacán.

9AM - My World of sharing.
Sharing is my thing, I love it sooooooo much! Who knew back in May, 2003 when we began publishing the Tioga & George blog, that we would be sharing with so many readers!

Last month was our 2nd biggest month ever, with 77,227 visitors coming to read our webpages! Isn't that something?

We use SiteMeter for our webcounter. One of the reports that SiteMeter provides shows where each visit occurs by location dots on a World map. On our report, each dot is a link showing where the visitor came from. In the image below, the dots are not active.
Location of our last 500 visitors.

3PM - Staying in Culiacán?
This morning, Ms. GQ and Jorge were up until 2AM playing around on the internet! Wow! So late this morning turned into a three hour nap!

MsTioga was thinking about heading out today to visit La Cruz de Elota, as recommended in the ShoutBox by our friend, Ed Fuentes. However, it is now late in the afternoon. So, MsTioga is thinking about making a Nite Camp up here on this hill overlooking Culiacán.


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