Tuesday, January 15, 2008

8:30AM - Little Honda on-the-job!
Here in the Pueblo of La Cruz de Elota around 7AM this morning, it was very overcast. Ms. GQ and Jorge were anxious to be doing their online things. So, Little Honda volunteered to pump some electricity in order to give Mr. Sunny a hand.

Just now, the Sun came out from behind the misty sky of early morning, so Little Honda will be able to rest up.

Little Honda who is only a 1KW generator, completes The Team. Without Little Honda, we would be hurting on the few winter days when the Sun does not shine much.
Our Little Honda 1KW generator.

12 Noon - MsTioga tells about Jorge and Mavicito.
"Hi there!. This is MsTioga typing at you, and I have a story to tell. This morning around 9AM, Jorge and Little Mavicito went out on the town. Before they did any of their morning chores! They were gone for three hours. Jorge ate breakfast out, and spent over an hour talking with people at Fermin's Taco Stand. Can you believe it?"

Is Jorge getting spoiled? Hmmmmm?

3:30PM - Looking for the petroglyphs.
We went for a ride on Mr. Trek looking for the petroglyphs. We asked people for directions. Everybody said, "Cross over the river to Bella Vista". We found the river, but would not cross it. There's no bridge!

Do you see the tracks where cars and trucks cross the river? Mr. Trek would not go there!

The river with no bridge.

While looking around the Pueblo of La Cruz de Elota, Little Mavicito captured a huge cross along the free highway. We also found a really nice looking BBQ chicken place, and Jorge stood there looking inside for a very long time. Is Jorge thinking about eating out again? Wow!

7PM - Jorge goes to the chicken place.
What MsTioga wrote to you about earlier today was true! I was planning on going back to the chicken place and buying "medio pollo asado" [1/2 BBQ chicken]. I walked up there this evening, and guess what? The restaurant was closed! Wow!

Some men talking together across the street told me that the restaurant is open from the morning to 5PM. Man-O-Man!

Well, we have visitors coming tomorrow morning! Readers Joan & Mike Anderson from Canada are vacationing in Mexico. Joan & Mike have made plans to say "Hi" to MsTioga and The Team! Isn't that the greatest thing?

Maybe Joan and Mike will want to walk up to the chicken place with me and have some pollo asado? Hmmmmmm?


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