Sunday, January 06, 2008

8AM - Albert Kimsey Owen.
Yesterday afternoon, Ed Fuentes loaned me a book about the life of Albert Kimsey Owen who dreamed of building Utopia in Sinaloa, Mexico. For a location, Owen chose the area of Topolobampo, where we visited yesterday.

I have been reading that book "A Southwestern Utopia - An American Colony In Mexico."

9AM - Birria for breakfast!
Ed would like to go for a nice walk in the Botanical Garden of Los Mochis. But first we must go to eat at his favorite, "Birriria San Blas!" [San Blas Goat Restaurant]

Birria is goat stew, and looks like a soup with a whole bunch of meat. Add chopped white onion, cilantro and if you can take it, hot red sauce.

If you ever have a chance to try birria, especially here in Los Mochis' San Blas Restaurant, you should absolutely do it!

Birriria San Blas in Los Mochis.

My birria topped with onion and cilantro.

11AM - Jardín Botánico.
The Botanical Gardens in Los Mochis were founded by Benjamin Johnston in 1919. Johnston and his wife traveled the World collecting plants. Somehow over the years, the garden has become neglected. Ed Fuentes works on a committee to restore the Jardín Botánico to its former glory.
Ed looking at the garden.

Ed with the gorgeous cactus garden.

1PM - Camping by the Rio Fuerte.
You may wonder at this amazing part of today's story! Ed has land not too far away from his home in Los Mochis. It is alongside the Rio Fuerte. And, Ed has offered to let MsTioga and The Team make a Camp there!

Can you believe it? Hmmmmm?

Jorge looks at the Rio Fuerte.

MsTioga at Ed's place at the Rio Fuerte.


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