Friday, January 04, 2008

8AM - RV del Fuerte.
When we returned to RV del Fuerte Campground last nite, we found MsTioga in excellent shape. We loved our trip to Copper Canyon, the train ride on El Chepe, seeing the Tarahumara people. But no matter where we go, home is best. And our home is with MsTioga, the best home in the history of the World!

We paid Campground owner Bill Trimble for the tours, hotel room and campground fees. That came to $439US. Including train fare and other expenses, our Copper Canyon adventure cost just under $600US.

That's a lot of $money$ for the TiogaRV Team. But sometimes you just have to go for it!
RV del Fuerte Campground.

12 Noon - Los Mochis.
At RV del Fuerte Campground, we filled MsTioga's fresh water tank, emptied her holding tanks, and then headed south for the City of Los Mochis. You likely remember that MsTioga was in Los Mochis just before our Copper Canyon adventure began.

Before we left the Pueblo of El Fuerte, we shopped for fruit and vegetables in this very old Pueblo.
El Fuerte's arch shows a founding year of 1564.

4PM - Vicente's chicken stand.
As we appoached Los Mochis, we came to a roadside Pollo Asado Chicken Stand [BBQ]. A whole chicken sells for $50 pesos [$4.55US], and includes tortillas and some lettuce. We bought a chicken which smells sooooooo good!

The stand's owner is Vicente, who told me that he worked for 20 years in Phoenix, Arizona doing construction. Vicente said that the money got bad. So now he sells chickens here alongside this road.
Vicente at his pollo asado chicken stand.


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