Saturday, January 12, 2008

8AM - So easy to Camp in Mexico!
MsTioga and I are amazed at how easy it is to make our Camps in Mainland Mexico. We simply look around, and Camp almost anywhere that we want. Wow!

Did you know that the hardest place that we found to make Camps in all of our travels, is the coast of California? If we are able to make Camps along California's coast, Mainland Mexico is a snap!

You may have read about danger in Mexico. We have written about news stories sent by readers warning of criminals preying on tourists. There may be criminals around here, but we have not had even one instance of meeting a criminal.

However, MsTioga will tell you that the most dangerous place that she has ever driven, was in Los Angeles County. And not from criminals, but from traffic. Try driving from the coast in Santa Monica east into the City of Los Angeles! Man-O-Man!

4PM - Camped in Culiacán.
This is a great sprawling city. Culiacán is the capital of the State of Sinaloa. Before MsTioga made this Camp, we drove thru several neighborhoods inside the city. We passed a Wal*Mart and Sam's Club and crossed the large Culiacán River.

Our Camp is in a commercial neighborhood. There are several government offices here. We are next to a large hospital. Little Mavicito wants to explore our neighborhood.

5PM - Jorge eats out again!
Little Mavicito was so surprised on his walk around our Culiacán neighborhood. Jorge went into a nearby restaurant and bought his supper! Didn't Jorge eat out just yesterday? Hmmmmm?

It was a nice restaurant though. Filled with customers. Jorge ordered a fish quesadilla and with the second piece of fish, made himself a taco!
Little restaurant in Culiacán.

6PM - Walking back to MsTioga.
On the return to our Camp, a policeman came over and shook Jorge's hand and called him, "Mi amigo!" Wow!

Also, Little Mavicito took a pic of our Camp.
Culiacán Nite Camp.

9PM - The Nite Club.
A block away from our Nite Camp, is a Nite Club! They are playing dance music from the 1940s and 1950s. Perfect time period for a guy my age.

The music wafts across to me. Now they are playing "Green Eyes". A little while ago, "La Bamba" and "Brazil". Mostly ballads, filled with romance. Wow!

I am having such a great time listening to the music.


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