Wednesday, January 23, 2008

8AM - Talking with Mañuel.
Yesterday when I met Mañuel, he corrected my pronunciation of his name. Mah-ñu-el, he repeated slowly a few times. This morning Mañuel was eating his breakfast in the open covered building where he lives. I went over to chat.

I wondered where he got his breakfast? My family lives close by, and I go over there to get breakfast. I like to bring my breakfast back here. I like my baseball stadium home. It is very tranquel here.

I asked how he got this job? Well, eight years ago I hurt my back carrying heavy things. So they gave me this job taking care of the stadium. Now I live here and work here too. It is a good job. I water the grass. Keep clean the baseball stadium. There are baseball games on Saturday and Sunday. After the games, I clean up. The rest of the week the work is very easy.
Mañuel watering the baseball infield.

Mañuel's home at the baseball stadium.

10:30AM - Heading south.
We said goodbye to Mañuel,and headed south. On the way out of the Pueblo, Little Mavicito and Señor Fousie Magic decided to make a VR Pic where the highway goes thru the Pueblo.

Click the image below, to see where we are in Fousie Magic!

3PM - Pueblo of Escuinapa.
We are Afternoon Camped just south of the Pueblo of Escuinapa. MsTioga is in a vacant area, close to the highway. Ms. GQ & Jorge are working here on their next weekly story. This story is about publishing webpages to earn AdSense income.

Later this afternoon, we will move into the Pueblo to make our Nite Camp.

Mr DeLorme, our noble GPS system, reports that our latitude now is below Cabo San Lucas in Baja California del Sur. Wow! We have never been this far south before!

5PM - Escuinapa Nite Camp.
MsTioga and The Team have found a Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Escuinapa. As you may see from the pic below, we are right in the middle of a neighborhood.

Across the street is a Papeleria [paper goods store] and also a sushi take out place. We asked in the sushi place, "Are you Japanese?" They are Mexcians. Mexican sushi! Hmmmmm?

MsTioga in Escuinapa.

6PM - Moved Camp up the street.
A man setting up a Tacos de Cabeza stand across the street from MsTioga, pointed out that the curb next to our Camp is painted yellow. That means no parking. So, we have moved our Camp a couple of blocks up the street.

Before we left, we asked this man if he needed a license to operate his taco stand here in Escuinapa. He acknowledged that he did need a license. "It is very easy to get one", he remarked.

7PM - Tacos de Cabeza.
Did you know that Tacos de Cabeza are tacos prepared with the meat of a cow's head? They are pretty good, too!

Little Mavicito and Jorge went back to the Tacos de Cabeza stand. "Do you want a taco?", the man asked. I ordered a taco. There were several kinds of salsa, cucumbers, radishes in bowls & limes for customers.

"Do you have another job?", I asked.

"No, only this job."

"How many hours is your taco stand open each day?"

"Four hours a day."

"Wow! That's a good job!"

"Yes, but I have to buy the meat everyday. And cook it. Everything is fresh everyday."
Jorge at the Tacos de Cabeza stand.


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