Sunday, January 20, 2008

9AM - El Caballero.
A caballo in Spanish is a horse, and as I understand it, a caballero is one who rides a horse [especially a gentleman who rides a horse]. This morning, Rigoberto has promised to teach Jorge to ride a horse! Wow!

So, Jorge may soon be a caballero!

10:30AM - Rosillo the horse.
Rosillo is a neighbor of Rigoberto and his family. Rosillo is a very nice brown horse, and is a single guy, never had any baby horses yet.
Here is Rosillo!

Rigoberto was driving his twenty cows on foot. However, I am a Caballero now. So I am riding my pal Rosillo the horse on this cattle drive.
Jorge and Rosillo on the road to El Rio.

When we reached El Rio, Rosillo asked me if he could drink some water. So, we went into El Rio! Rosillo drinks a ton of water!
Rosillo goes into El Rio for a drink.

We came to a neighboring rancho, and met Jorge, the ranchero. Jorge's son is also named Jorge. So, there are three Jorges here!
All of us at Jorge's rancho.

12 Noon - Invited for lunch!
When we returned to Rigoberto's rancho, his son Rigo was preaparing pollo asado. We were invited for lunch. Wow! We love pollo asado.
Rigo makes pollo asado while Mom Gloria watches.

2PM - Lunch in El Quemado is wonderful!
Gloria and some of her family made corn tortillas by hand. These are not ordinary tortillas. After they had baked on a hot griddle enough to hold their shape, the tortillas are removed, and a raised edge formed completely around.

Then, a layer of refried beans is spooned on to the tortilla, followed by ranchera cheese! I believe that these tortillas are called, "Chorriadas". Refried beans are spooned on to the chorriada along with ranchero cheese. Then, the chorriada with the beans and cheese is placed back on to the hot griddle until the chorriada is slightly crisp.

Add some of Gloria's salsa with green chili, and you are in heaven! I ate four of the chorriadas!
Making chorriadas.

My chorriada with a couple of bites gone.

3:30PM - Mazatlán!
There is something mysterious about the name, Mazatlán. And it is time for MsTioga to leave the absolutely fabulous Pueblo de El Quemado. We will be thinking about our three days here spent with Gloria, Rigoberto, Rigo and all of their family. What a memory!

Just as we were about to leave El Quemado, all of the family came over to say, "Hi" to MsTioga and to go inside to see what's what! Of course MsTioga is soooooo happy to have guests.

A short distance after getting on the highway again, we came to a sign which told us that we have arrived at the Tropic of Cancer. Man-O-Man!
Jorge stands with the Tropic de Cancer sign.

6PM - Nite Camped in Mazatlán.
MsTioga filled up with propane in Mazatlán. At the propane station, we were given permission to fill MsTioga's fresh water tank.

While we were filling MsTioga's water tank, some police came by to use the restroom. I joked around with the policemen, and shook hands in that special Mexican way where you slap each others hand and then make a fist and lightly hit the other person's fist. The police got a kick about me knowing how to shake hands the Mexican way!

We all chatted about various things. There is no doubt, that this is my very best Spanish year. But after all of these days speaking only Spanish, my head is swimming in Spanish. I hear Spanish in my thoughts! Wow!

We have made our Nite Camp in a vacant lot behind an auto mechanic shop.


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